Shipping From China To USA: A Complete Guide

Shipping From China To USA: A Complete Guide

January 26, 2022

What do you know about shipping from China to USA? Do you intend to import (or export) goods from the United States to China? Do you have any questions about the regulation or the mode of transportation? This is because good information is hard to come by amid the vast amount of online advice that Topshipping has offered in the form of a “country guide.”

The focus of our post will be on international logistics between China and the United States, including shipping methods (sea or air freight), rules (necessary licenses, etc.). Our knowledge of the Chinese market enables us to provide the most dependable and technological logistics solutions. If you still have questions after reading this page, please contact our Experts, who are available to assist you with any of your requirements. Whether you’re an experienced exporter/importer or a rookie in the field, if you’re planning a one-time import/export to/from the United States or a regular business, our staff will be committed to providing you with the greatest service!

Shipping From China To USA

Shipping from China to USA: Shipping Options

When exporting from China to the United States, you have various possibilities. The primary three are:

  • air freight
  • marine freight
  • And express shipment.

The first two of these possibilities, air freight and sea freight or shipping by sea, will be examined. Regular mail services can be utilized for tiny individual products. However, if you need to transfer a large number of items, there are three primary shipping options to consider: air freight, ocean freight, and express freight. The most significant component in saving time and money is choosing the correct delivery options.


What is the most efficient way for shipping from China to USA?

While this is an excellent issue, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for shipping from China. The variables listed below should be carefully considered:

  • Product and Load — what and how much is being shipped?
  • Is it going to a small business or a warehouse? 
  • Timeliness – do you need it right away or can you wait a week? This is especially important to remember during the Chinese New Year.
Shipping from China to USA option

Shipping from China to USA option


Ways to Save Time and Money: shipping from China to USA

When it comes to long-distance freight, international transportation is equally difficult and costly. It’s critical to concentrate on shipping businesses and procedures while importing from China to the United States in order to cut freight prices and timeframes. You must consider the challenges of interacting with a Chinese supplier, as well as CBP customs procedures, in addition to distance-related charges and the intricate nature of shipping items from China (Customs and Border Protection). Trade routes between China and the United States are immensely vital, despite their complexity. There are techniques to save time and money while shipping, resulting in a more cost-effective shipping procedure. The first step is to choose the shipping process to send your goods.


 Time spent in transportation: shipping from China to USA

The time it takes for freight to go from China to the United States by sea, air, and express. How long will it take to send something from China to the United States? The length of time it takes for your package to arrive is determined on its location, size, and season. The time it takes to go somewhere isn’t always the same. Freight shipments may be delayed due to market circumstances, natural disasters, and other incidents. Estimates for each shipping mode from China to the United States may be seen in the table below.

 Time spent in transportation shipping from China to USA


Shipping Cost from China to US

What is the cost of shipping from China to USA? Join topshipping.coto compare, book, and manage your upcoming shipments using our international freight quote calculator and freight rate estimates for shipping goods by the ocean, air, and truck. Get an estimate from the world’s largest database of freight rates using our freight calculator, and then join to compare, book, and manage your upcoming shipments.

The cost of transporting merchandise from one location to another is determined by freight rates. The pricing is based on the type of products being shipped, the mode of transportation, the cargo’s dimensional weight, and the distance to the delivery location. This graphic reference to freight rates from China to the United States uses sophisticated data from a number of real-time sources to show you how much it costs to ship your products from China to the United States. Seasonality, current events (ahem…COVID-19), and capacity are all variables that influence freight prices.

Import Licenses

When importing into the United States, there is usually no requirement to submit an import license. There are, however, a few exceptions:

  •     Medicines
  •     Chemicals of many sorts
  •     Animals and plants
  •     Food goods

Import Licenses in Shipping


Necessary documents

Bill of Lading: This is the most crucial shipping document since it contains information on the shipping firm, the seller, and the buyer, as well as the kind of cargo, the volume, and the inconveniences that apply to the shipment.

1 = Shipper

2 = Consignee

3 = Notify party

4 = Vessel No.

5 = Port of loading / discharge

6 = Place of receipt / delivery

7 = Containers No.

8 = Goods description

9 = Net weight

10 = Dimensions / volume

The bill of lading can function as a document for the following purposes, depending on the payment arrangements agreed upon between the supplier and the buyer: Confirm the release of a letter of credit (L / C) or acts as confirmation of shipment, requiring the buyer to transfer the remaining payment. When paying through telegraphic transfer (T / T), the second option is the most popular.

Commercial Invoice: This invoice is needed to clear customs and calculate customs taxes and other costs, such as GST.

Certificate of Origin / Form A: A document that specifies the products’ provenance. This document can also be used to assess customs duties (since certain nations are eligible for exemptions or preferred duties), as well as statistics for embargo enforcement.


Main ports in the USA

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Port, often known as America’s Port, is about 32 kilometers from downtown LA. This port is responsible for 20% of all goods entering the nation. China and Hong Kong are the port’s most important commercial partners. Topshipping understands the importance of this port in getting your goods to the United States, which is why we can organize regular departures from anywhere in China to the Port of Los Angeles.

Long Beach

Long Beach is the country’s foremost port, trailing only the adjacent Port of Los Angeles. Together, these two ports serve as a vital gateway for freight entering in the country from all around the world. This port’s primary trading partners are likewise Asian countries.

Main ports in the USA


Main Airports in USA


Memphis International Airport is the country’s busiest airport. China’s daily traffic is guaranteed. For many years, this airport was the world’s largest freight airport. After Hong Kong, it is now the second biggest city in the world. Topshipping is utilized to ship from Hong Kong to Memphis for this reason.


Anchorage, Alaska, is another important aviation freight center. After Hong Kong, Memphis, and Shanghai, this is the world’s fourth busiest cargo airport. Thus, whether Chinese or American, the four major cargo airports in the world are Chinese or American, demonstrating how critical it is for Topshipping to establish regular trade between the two countries.

Topshipping also guarantees regular departures to any other area of the country, like Louisville, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Atlanta, and others. If you require door-to-door delivery, our duty does not end once your package arrives in the United States. We can now rely on our strong American network to provide a quick and painless delivery to the agreed-upon location (your warehouse, your customer’s facilities, etc.).

What is the most cost-effective method of shipping from China to USA?

Topshipping is the cheapest option to ship from China to the United States, regardless of the shipping method. Not only are we able to pass on our low-volume shipping costs, but we also provide a best-rate guarantee on all modes of transportation at Guided Imports. Get started immediately by requesting a shipping price from China.

What is the most cost-effective method of shipping from China to USA?


There’s No Extra for Experience

There is no alternative for experience when shipping from China to USA. Working with dependable and knowledgeable personnel is important whether you’re picking a shipping method, locating a supplier, or settling on a freight forwarding service. Although international shipping might be intimidating, it is possible to succeed if you take it one step at a time.

Contact Topshipping if you want further information or support from a world-class international shipping company. Call us to get more information from one of our professionals. Why should you select us? When it comes to Topshipping, it’s all about trust, efficiency, and transparency. Our primary goal is to provide individual logistic solutions for each cargo, assuring complete client satisfaction.



Whether you’re exporting by air freight or sea freight, you can get your goods into the United States from China. The procedure may appear difficult, and there are many details that you should be aware of that are not detailed here. Nonetheless, this article should provide you with a clear understanding of how to have your items sent as securely and effectively as possible.

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