Air Freight from China to Europe

Here we are going to talk about air freight from China to Europe and know the cost and time needed to carry it. We will explain how to air freight to Europe. Freight from China can be done in several ways, depending on the size, weight, sensitivity and many other factors related to the imported material. We must find the best way to transport these goods from China. These goods can be imported from 3 ways. They can Carriage by sea, carriage by rail and air transportation.

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Air freight from china to Europe : Complete tips

Here we want to speak about Air freight from china to Europe. China is the world’s most populous country and the fourth largest country on earth with a population of over 1.5 billion people. succeeding in less than 50 years after economic reforms began in 1978. China became an economic superpower from a poor and underdeveloped country and take over the world manufacturing industry. When it comes to cargo, some people think a lot of things move around in the ocean. But in fact, the goods are carried by the planes you travel. Air freight and goods shipment are air services that may be chartered or commercial. Air freight is the fastest way to send goods anywhere in the world. By using air freight, companies can make their international deals the best they can. In addition to high speed, air freight also protects your customs. Air freight is an important option that most people choose, compared to other types of transportation, such as sea, rail and ground. With the expansion of commerce in the world, air transport became a reliable and efficient way. The Air freight is feasible for all kind of products, from the most fragile to the heaviest.

Air freight companies

There are companies that do the process of air freight. These companies deliver the cargo and send it to the destination point. These companies are called freight forwarders. These companies do not carry cargoes themselves, but help the sender and get paid. These companies are responsible for the security of the cargo and instead receive money from the sender. These companies use passenger planes or cargo aircrafts to ship goods. They specialize in providing you with the best shipping option for your product. َ Air freight has many regulations that forwarder companies are more familiar with. These companies will help you in collecting documents, insurance, customs and all the issues you are facing. forwarders are responsible for the packaging of goods, security and assurance in delivery. Air freight is faster and more reliable than shipping by ocean. The ocean shipping and air freight costs are also different. Shipping costs are calculated based on the volume of goods. But in air freight these costs are calculated based on the weight of the goods. This way, smaller and heavier cargoes using the ship will cost less. But the large and lightweight cargoes are cheaper by plane. There are always restrictions on shipping that must be observed. So for Air freight from china to Europe, you should consider all these things. One of the most efficient ways to export various products from China to Europe is air freight. Depending on the needs of the sender, the forwarder companies will present you the most appropriate method. If your cargoes have the proper weight and dimensions for aircraft transportation, forwarder suggests this method. If you do not have enough time to ship goods from China to Europe, we offer you air freight. Air freight from china to Europe will keep your goods safe too.

Air freight from china to Europe cost

Perhaps you have thought about the cost of Air freight from china to Europe cost. Maybe you have a cargo that you want to ship from China to Europe. First you need to know about the cost of air freight and how to calculate it. So first we will teach you how to calculate this cost. After calculating the cost, you will determine which method of transport is closest to your budget. This way you can make better decisions. If it was worth shipping your goods by air from China to Europe, be sure to do so. But if you find that the marine or landline method will cost you less, be sure to use it. As oil prices rise sharply, the cost of air freight has increased dramatically. Passenger and freight planes cost a great deal to transport. Aircraft fuel consumption is directly related to the weight and distance traveled. Likewise, freight costs are calculated based on the desired weight and distance. There are restrictions for passenger aircraft because they are a priority with passengers and their luggage. For charter services, shipping rates are usually higher. For shorter distances, air freight rates are increased in kilometers. This is why ground transportation is less expensive. In general, Air freight is more expensive than Sea freight for all goods with a higher volume than 1,5 CBM and a higher weight than 167 kg (200 kg for express).  

Air freight price table per KG

We can calculate air freight from China to Europe cost in 2 ways. The first method is the cost per kilograms multiplied with the weight of the shipment. Weight is not the only parameter that determines the cost of shipping. Volume is also important for calculating the cost of the freight. For low weight and high volume cargo, we need to consider the volume parameter in the cost calculation. This parameter is called the volumetric weight which is calculated as follows:

Air freight

Volumetric weight (average freight) = Volume (CBM) x 167 (max load weight)

Despite its higher cost, air freight is far more advantageous in terms of delay and reliability and protection.

Chargeable weight10 kg100 kg300 kg
Price per kg$65.47$14.31$5.09



Factor influencing air freight

Factor influencing air freight

Here we want to mention some of the important factors that affect the price of Air freight from china to Europe. In other modes of transport, the size and weight of the cargo is less than that of air transport. In most cases, the load weight can be up to 150lbs. But in air freight, cargo weight can be over 150 lbs. Air freight has different modes too. In full truckload mode, you can carry more than 15000 lbs load. In Less than Truckload mode, the cargo should weight above 15000 lbs. we have also Expedited Freight, which is very fast and expensive. In Partial Truckload mode, you can share the costs of shipment with other shipper. Let’s look at the factors affecting air freight.


1. Weight

Freight weight is the most important factor in determining air freight rates. Weight-based air freight rates have special groups. In these grouping, the shipping rates are different. Once the weight is increased, it will move to the next group. In the next group, the shipping rate will be lower for that time. Due to these grouping and load weights you can find your best flight class.


2. Density​

Density is another factor affecting air freight rates. First you need to know how to calculate density. To calculate the density, Measure the height, width and depth of the shipment in inches. Then you have to divide the total weight of the load per cubic foot. After calculating the density, you can find the perfect flight for your packages. This also determines your air freight rate. Moreover, the density of the shipment also helps forwarders to know the space that is needed and the rate of freight. This way it will increase the shipping rates for you.


3. Distance

The distance a plane must travel determines the cost of Air freight from china to Europe. Sometimes the intended destination is other than the geographical locations covered by the carrier. In that case, the carrier must leave the continuation of shipment to another company. Using multiple carriers for shipping is more expensive. The greater the distance from the origin to the destination is, the higher is the shipping rate. In case of a single carrier, the source and destination’s distance from the nearest metro city is taken into consideration. Also, different locations may vary the capacity for shipping and may also increase the shipping rates. So before choosing a carrier, look at the destinations they offer in their contracts to have the destination you want.

Freight classification

4. Freight classification

Freight class is important in costs of shipping. We have two class for air freight - Low freight classes and high freight classes. These classes depend on weight, density and Shipping quality. Low freight class provides lesser service to the sender. With high freight classes, you don't have to worry about your packages being damaged. The higher the freight class is, the higher its rate is. Low freight class costs less, but the density of the loads carried by them is very high. On the other hand, higher classes will charge more, but their load density is very low and does not pose a risk to you. So before selecting a forwarder, also take a look at the freight classes and choose the one that fits your load.

Fuel charges

5. Fuel charges

It is quite clear that Air freight from china to Europe rates depend on the price of fuel. As oil prices rise, the rate of air freight increases. Forwarders have to increase freight rates to offset their fuel costs. Some of these forwarders try to reduce their profits to gain customer satisfaction. Some people try to convince the customer by calculating the fuel. You must also close the contract before choosing the shipping method, considering the cost of fuel. When fuel prices fall, exactly the opposite is the case. Pay attention to the precious fuel market news and find the right time for air freight. If you are in no hurry, do not contract with forwarder at a high fuel price.

Forwarder or carrier

6. Forwarder or carrier

The carriers you work with also have an impact on air freight rates. The shipping cost depends on the type of shipping. Depends on using tariff rates or negotiated shipping rates, the costs of air freight vary. Some forwards offer 20% to 30% off on their negotiated rates. The choice of procurement can affect the cost of shipping in different ways. So do a lot of research before selecting a forwarder to find the most suitable one. Check their condition carefully. The cost of your air freight depends on your choice.

Air freight rates

Bade on the above mentioned factor affecting the rate of shipping, we want to discuss air freight rate from china to Europe. In calculating this shipment rate, you should consider forwarder, carriers or brokers differences. Refer to them and find out their rates for air travel from China to Europe. Look for companies that ship your cargo directly from China to Europe. This is a very important point. Using two forwarders will increase your shipping cost. They usually use Chargeable weight to calculate air freight costs. Next, they use dimensional factor to calculate the dimensional weight. Sometimes competition with other modes of transport also affects the cost of transportation. Importance of the export and import of a commodity, the value of the shipped commodity, the equipment which is needed to carry the commodity and Delivery times are also important factors. Since the distance between China and Europe is high, you should also consider fuel costs. If you do not have a great weight or volume or if you do not have enough time for shipping, the best way for you is to use China Air Freight. The cost of this method is much higher than that of China’s sea shipping, but it is not comparable in terms of shipping safety and shipping speed with air freight. It can be said that the duration of air freight from China is much shorter than its marine type. Overall, China’s air service is well-suited for high value-added merchandise weighing less than 1000 kg.

Air freight rates
Air freight rates

Which is cheapest?

There are many calculators on the site that can calculate the shipping cost for you. By entering your cargo information, you can find the shipping cost by any means. As a businessman with your own budget, you want to know which transportation will cost less. You may have heard that shipping is more expensive than shipping. Almost right, but not always. In order to make the best decision and choose the cheapest method of transport, you need to know the international freight rates for freight forwarders. For larger and heavier loads, ocean shipping is less expensive. Volumetric weight is important in air transport. If your freight is less than a container load, your price is often measured by cubic meter. Ships carry more cargo than air transport, which makes it less expensive. Your type of load also affects the cost. It is cheaper to transport gold or flowers; whose values fluctuate rapidly. To reduce the freight cost, pay attention to forwarder’s fees. While the actual shipment cost of sea freight is usually cheaper than the shipment cost of air freight, the warehousing fees at seaports are many times more expensive than those at airports. Also be careful when sending your cargo. As fuel becomes more expensive, air freight also increases in price. To calculate air freight from China to Europe costs, pay attentions to these factors.

How long Air freight from China to Europe

How long Air freight from China to Europe

You may be wondering about air freight time. Here, we examine together the answer to this question and consider the various factors affecting time. The duration of shipping to Europe depends entirely on the airline. Various factors affect the duration of air shipment from China, including the type of airline, direct or indirect flight, quality and frequency of its airline flights, the type of airline available. Of course, this is only part of the long-term factors of air freight from China, as the International Shipping Company and Shipper also have to cooperate to send goods from the country of origin. Air freight time from China is one of the criteria and advantages considered by users of this method. Air freight time from China varying depending on the airline and the type of airline fleet, both domestic and foreign. Air freight from China is carried out through most important airport. As mentioned, air transport is the fastest way to deliver goods. The modes of transport have no advantage over each other. Only each responds to different needs. By knowing the features of each method, you can make the right choice. When it comes to shipping, you should be familiar with a variety of air services. Generally, air transport is available as a charter or business.

Types of Air Service

There are three types of air delivery: Express: With this service, shipping from China to Europe takes two to three days. Economical: The delivery time is longer and it takes about 2-5 days from China to Europe. Naturally, this service is less expensive. Regular: Delivery time with this service is 3 days and is less than express.

Air freight service have also 2 type:

Door to door service The simple and comprehensive definition of door-to-door service is that the business service provider delivers the customer’s goods through the door of the seller’s factory or a predetermined location and deliver to determined destination. Port to port service The goods are picked up from your home and delivered to an international port or inland terminal which is determined.

Time table


Port to port

Door to door

Air Freight

3-8 days

6-16 days


5-4 days

Air freight process

Air freight process

If you decide to transport your goods by Air freight from china to Europe, you must follow a number of steps. Here the sending agencies can come to your aid and answer your questions. You need to consult these companies to ship air from China to Europe. Find out in Europe in a telephone or online consultation about the type of shipment and the cost. These companies themselves are taking the necessary steps to send air freight to Europe. These companies specialize in transportation and help you achieve your goals. We will now introduce the steps to send air cargo from China to Europe.

The first four steps:
  1. So in the first step, you should choose an air freight company. Before choosing a company, consult with experts and research the companies carefully. The service of the company should be close to your needs.
  2. After selecting the forwarding company, you should negotiate with it. You should agree on a price for your service.
  3. After agreeing on prices and costs, contract with the forwarder to get your goods safely to their destination.
  4. The forwarder company will take the freight from you. If your freight is packaged, it is ready for shipment, this is called RFT mode. If your load is not packaged, the forwarder will do the packaging for you. In the case of air freight from china to Europe, whatever the load is, it must be carefully packaged and provided in wooden or metal pallets to ship to Europe. Packaging for shipment by air and shipment to Europe should be standard and sufficiently resistant on wooden pallets. By using the door to door service, your cargo is taken from the door of the home or factory to the door of the home or factory at the destination.
Final Four Steps:
  1. Your cargo must be transported to the airport for customs clearance. If you have a good forwarder, do clearing customs at the point of origin for you.
  2. Now your load should be on the plane. In the case of a consolidated shipment this could take a few days.
  3. After making sure the cargo arrives at the destination, the cargo recipient can proceed with receiving the cargo to the relevant airport customs in the destination country. the goods have to pass customs again. It should be noted that the cargo is shipped via the airport of origin to the destination airport. Warehousing at the destination airport is free for 48 hours and then subject to warehousing costs. This means that if you go to the destination airport customs two days after your cargo arrival, you will be exempt from warehousing cost. Otherwise you have to pay for warehousing every day. You must pay all costs and taxes prior to clearance. The forwarder will do this for you, too.
  4. With door to door service, your cargo will deliver to the exact destination you specified.

note: Just like when you want to travel by plane, you can’t take some things with you. There is also a list of banned items for air cargo. Things like explosives, precious objects, flammable or radioactive substances, toxic and infectious substances and anything that is harmful to human health.

Main airports in China

Here we want to introduce you to the main Chinese airports. Here is a list of airports in China you can use for air freight from china to Europe. China, as the largest country in the world, has many international airports. Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou ports are connected to international outposts. there are more than 200 airports in China that travelers can take flight to many cities of China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xian, Guilin, Lhasa, Chongqing, Kunming, Lijiang, Shangri-La, Hangzhou, Huangshan, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Wuhan, Urumqi, Kashgar, Guiyang, Hohhot, Harbin, etc.

  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport
  • Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport
  • Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport
  • Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Kunming Changshui International Airport
  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  • Xining Caojiabao International Airport
  • Shenyang Taoxian International Airport

Various factors affect the duration of Air freight from china to Europe, including the type of airline, direct or indirect flight, quality and frequency of its airline flights, the type of airline available. With port to port mode, Air freight to Europe takes between 3 and 8 days. With door to door mode, Air freight takes between 6 to 16 days. If you use Express mail delivery, which always takes place from door to door, it takes between 2 and 3 days long to ship.

To air freight from china to Europe, we have to pack the goods. If the Forwarder company does it for you, the experts will come first with the necessary packing equipment and pack your product as standard. There are some items in the packaging that need to be packed in a special way so as not to damage them. For example, breakable containers should be carefully packed. This is a question many people refer to the airline. It is better to say that the palletization of your product is necessary. These pallets are of various sizes ranging from 2.44 by 3.15 (96 x 125 in). Longer or wider cargo can be transported but may need to be packed on special equipment.

A valid international shipping policy for air freight from china to Europe, will be determined by the value of the goods shipped. This means you will be asked how much your load is worth. Then, depending on the value, the insurance cost will be calculated. Freight was insured by all IATA airlines for up to $ 20 per kilogram on each flight, and if the declared ceiling was insufficient, separate insurance should be purchased proportional to the value of the goods. It should be borne in mind that the payment of damages is subject to full compliance with the standards required for the packaging of the goods. Important Note: Please “carefully” check the packaging of the goods or even the internal contents of the packages when delivering the goods to the customs office of destination, and in case of any problems, report the damage and complete the forms before leaving the customs. Destination airport, take action. If you have a contract with a forwarding company, your air freight is covered by the freight insurance during the freight process under the contract signed between you and the airline, which is the air freight carrier. If you have a contract with a forwarding company, your air freight is covered by the freight insurance during the freight process under the contract signed between you and the airline, which is the air freight carrier. This means that in the event that your cargo is lost or part of the cargo is lost or damaged, or the cargo is lost in all incidents, the airline is required to repay.

After making sure the cargo arrives at the destination, the cargo recipient can proceed with receiving the cargo to the relevant airport customs in the destination country. the goods have to pass customs again. It should be noted that the cargo is shipped via the airport of origin to the destination airport. Warehousing at the destination airport is free for 48 hours and then subject to warehousing costs. This means that if you go to the destination airport customs two days after your cargo arrival, you will be exempt from warehousing cost. Otherwise you have to pay for warehousing every day. You must pay all costs and taxes prior to clearance. If you contract with an air freight company, it will do this for you, too.


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