Frequently Asked Questions

TopShipping offers an extensive array of services which include shipping, forwarding of freight, sourcing, and many others. You can check out our list of services mentioned below to determine if we can assist you with your requirements.

Full payment upfront is required by bank transfer or Western union, PayPal only is applicable for old customers.

We promise we charge will be what we quoted. No hidden fees with us. On door to door service basis, The duties/VAT mostly won’t be included into the quotation. Some certain countries like USA,UK,Malaysia,Australia can be offered DDP( Delivered Duty Paid) service which means we will stated at the first beginning.

If by air, the transit time is around 4-7 days depends on the air service you choose. If by sea, we need around 4-6days to make export customs, packing, the transit time from port to port is 14-20days depending on the FBA address. Roughly, it is estimated 30-40 days after we get your cargo to the time we make appointment with Amazon.

Simple email can start with your business with Top Shipping via [email protected], We shall confirm all of the important info through emails. Once the price being confirmed by you and the goods get ready by the suppliers we can get the goods shipped accordingly.

Yes, Certainly. We can offer one-stop service for you from the factory in China to any FBA warehouses worldwide.

No, not necessary. We can palletize your cargo based on Amazon requirements in our origin warehouse or destination warehouse.

We will keep in touch with the suppliers to ensure all the necessary docs provided properly before shipping to avoid any customs delay for both Chinese customs or overseas customs. Also, You will be keep informed for further status once available afterwards.

Yes, We are able to provide consolidation service for collecting goods from all of the suppliers separately but will be shipped as one shipment to you if all of the can be get ready during certain period of time. The pick-up fee will be confirmed case by case.

Yes. Certainly. We’ll give you different options based on different modes of transportation. The urgency of your shipments and the volume will be the mainly factors to be considered.

a) Normally the billable weight is depending on the actual weight and the volumetric weight, For instance. The dimension for single package is 50x40x50cm but the gross weight is 10kgs only, the way of calculating the chargeable weight is 50x40x50cm/5000=20kgs (Formula is Length x Width x Height in centimeters divide 5000). So the final billable weight is 20kgs instead of 10kgs. We’ll remeasure size and reweigh the packages once the goods arrived at Top shipping’s warehouses. Our target is make sure all of the info is correct before issuing invoice to you.

b) the formula of calculating the air cargo is Length x Width x Height in centimeters divide 6000.

Yes, Sure. We can ship goods without authentic manufacturer’s info as requested if necessary. You don’t have to worry about the real shipper info will be discovered by the end customer if you are the intermediary.

The local pick up fee and clearance fee will be added into the quotation if you are working with the supplier based on EXW terms. The FOB terms it means the supplier will cover the domestic transportation fees from the factory to the nearest seaports or airports.

Yes, Any types of shipments are always welcomed. You will get the favored service from us as long as you are our customer.

As we are specialized in shipping service since 2009, We are cooperating with shipping lines and airlines which means we could get better discount than the overseas agent to get it from their Chinese agent. To get in touch with us directly can avoid the time difference issue with your manufacturers in China. Your request always will be executed properly and timely in a professional way.

Yes, We can offer a good discount on pricing based on our regular shipments. Meanwhile, The payment terms can be negotiated as well.

Yes, We can do it but will need more detailed info to confirm the price case by case as the way of calculating the price will be different as well.