Shipping from China to Canada

Shipping from China to Canada - Air and Sea freight

Are you searching for shipping options for your equipment transfer to Canada? Are you looking for greater shipload to save price and time on shipping from China to Canada? we are here to tell you what is the best way to shipping to Canada and which way is best for your shipload. Sea freight from China to Canada, air freight from China to Canada, or specific carrier shipments, we can suggest all forwarding services provide different logistics wants. We’ll guide you choose the best shipping that helps save your money and time. All you need is to be equipped and knowledge that transportation from china to Canada is the most wonderful way to move your goods from somewhere to somewhere else. Here are some more details on shipping from China to Canada.

Complete guide to shipping from China to Canada

Complete guide to shipping from China to Canada

Do you know how many shipping are out there? or how many types of transportation uses for shipping from China to Canada? Don’t worry in this essay we answer all these questions.

We have 2 famous way of shipping from China to Canada. pick of these ways it depends on your products and your destination.

1. Air freight

Airfreight delivery is the transferal and load of goods by an aircraft, which may be charter or commercial. So cargoes can travel out of commercial and passenger aviation gateways to everywhere. benefits of air freight make it a worthy option for coordinating time-sensitive shipments to almost anyplace in the world. This can be especially beneficial for Startups and smaller companies because it enables them to engage in world trade quickly and effectively. For shipping from China to Canada, Transportation by aircraft also has the advantage of a high level of safety and tightly managed.

At the beginning of the Twentieth Century, air freight became used more than other forms of shipping like marine, rail, and sea freight in importing and exporting. also in the last 40 years, air freight is now considered an effective method to send goods nationally and internationally. but don’t forget that Authentic shipping companies that focus on shipping from china to Canada can be the most reliable and cost-effective choice for using air freight options. they do coordinate corporate, individual parcel or shipment deliveries in the best way. Authentic shipping companies can determine the most proper means to ensure suitably and on-time delivery.

For example, most of the time the fashion industry uses air freight from China to Canada rather than sea freight. fashion brands like H&M, Zara, Forever 21, and Mango stand on air freight to send goods immediately around the world. So clothes can arrive quickly and spread to many shops across the world. This is very beneficial for online businesses because several shoppers want to have their new clothing deliver to their doorways, seldom internationally.

2. sea freight

Sea freight from China to Canada is the sort of transportation of products and is a method of carrying large numbers of the product via cargo ships. Products are prepared into containers and these boxes are loaded onto a vessel. and in the end, they will be cruised to their target people. As a standard freight, the canal can carry 18,000 containers. It should be noted that if you pick sea freight for shipping from China to Canada, you use an economical way to move to high quantities of goods.

The good news is that in the sea freight forwarder box could be sent on various vessels with transshipments in different gates; exactly like when a customer using public transport and switching from one bus to another. Sea freight from China to Canada is regularly utilized by people or companies in the world. for people who have various goods or most substantial products, sea freight transportation is the cheap and safe trucking method. If you’re shipping a volume amount of goods, Sea freight from China to Canada could be the cost-efficient choice for your business.


example of shipping from China to Canada, imagine you want to send 50 washing machines and 100 toys to Canada country. in this way sea transportation is the best choice for 50 washing machines. because 50 washing machines are heaviest than 100 toys. so you can use sea freight with the cheapest price.

The choice of shipping from China to Canada depends on several circumstances. First of all, you need to set your goals and choose the best type of transport for the move. For example, the weight of the commodity, the type of goods, the number of products, and the cost and time are particular importance and should be taken into account.

If you make a mistake in choosing method shipping from China to Canada, you have tried and tested in the first place. But keep in mind that sometimes it’s not just about mistaken, you may lose a lot of money and time. So do your research and choose the best shipping for your products.

Best delivery from china to Canada

Which transportation mode you can choose for shipping from China to Canada? Which shipping is best for your business and your products? In this part, we answer all your questions.

First of all, you have to attend to your target. For example how many goods you have, how much money you want to spend or what is your products and other items. there are many factors when shipping from China to Canada has happened. When it comes to sea freighting or air freighting, you want your transfer to be secure, on time and most managed. Picking the best delivery option is dependent on your unique condition, but you should know that there are many differences between sea and air transportation. so we suggest you the best way for good delivery.

China is one of the most areas that have different shipping methods, especially for shipping from China to Canada. you need to know that Shipping from China to Canada is more frequent than anywhere. so if you live in Canada or you have Canadian businesses will be easy for you to pick one of the transportation modes. all freight has advantages and disadvantages. but as we said before you should prefer one that has a lot of advantages, less cost, effective and means to you.

Shipping from China to Canada cost

Generally, the shipping from China to Canada cost depends on the number of goods, volume of goods, type of products and size of goods. Naturally, if you want to move more products, the more expensive it will be. But here we are going to talk about sea freight and air freight costs. so depending on the type of your goods, choose the best shipping from China to Canada.

1. Sea freight cost

shipping from China to Canada includes lots of objects. especially local transportation, cargo, and unloading and area charges are so important. This pay additionally covers other duties. So there isn’t an absolute cost for transporting from China to Canada. The cost of shipping is depending on so many factors but that is not limited to the load space, freighting land, type of shipping and a special carrier.

 all people who decided to use Sea freight from China to Canada should know that the different circumstances affect the cost of sea freight.

cost 1 min

condition knowledge is necessary for helping you to find the most cost-effective strategy and cost of sea transport. Container Volume is the first item that sets a price at a high level. moreover, preferring kind of shipping like Full Container Load or Less than Container Load effect on cost. Additionally, the transportation season is really important. If you plan for sea freight before the Chinese new time, you should pay a lot of notes on sea freight. plus in any season the price going high but you can choose the summer to pay the cheaper.

For example, 1 container can carry 10,000 water bottles and this container full of water suitable for sea freight methods. one of the most important things is that Sea freight from China to Canada is cheaper than air freight. In an uncontrolled way, if freight weighing is more than 500 kilograms you can’t use air freight from China to Canada because aircraft is too expensive and doesn’t have any profit. Now you ready to choose ocean freight, because already know how this method works and in the end, you can save your money.

cost 2 min

2. Air freight cost

when you want your goods to carry as soon as possible, air freight is probably your best choice. In this section, you will learn about the cost of air freight.

cost 3 min

When it comes to air freight transportation, weight and volume are important circumstances. Aircraft will charge via each volumetric weight or actual weight, depending on which is more costly. The air shipping global rule of thumb is to calculate the volumetric weight is to multiply the item’s volume in cubic meters by 167. The size is for a box that is W: 40cm, H: 40cm L:40 would have a .064. Multiply by 167, and you get a volumetric weight of 10.67 kg. If the volumetric weight passes the actual weight of the product, the volumetric weight shifts the chargeable weight.

If you want shipping from China to Canada so quickly you should know that the weight and the cost are different from the sea freight. If you prefer shipment by air, understand that you faced with the most expensive and most limited shipping vehicle. so if you do not have a time issue, you’d better choose sea freight.

Shipping from China to Canada time

Shipping time is one of the most important factors so keep in mind. Time, like price, is very important and defines for everyone. For example, if you want to do shipping from China to Canada, you have to consider the type of goods and time. It’s clear that shipping by sea was superior to air time, but it still depends on other things and you have to do your transportation based on these factors.

cost 5 min

1. Sea freight time

Have you ever ask yourself how long does transportation take from China to Canada? Moving on the sea level is slower than moving in the air. so shipping goods from China by sea has a different time and it depends on what methods of sea shipping you choose. It’s necessary to remark that transition times are not all things you faced it; they’re only inclusive of the time your goods spend on the sea.

For example, if you pick the door to door mode it will take between 6 and 8 weeks. or if you choose the Full Container Load method usually sent your goods for up to two weeks at a time. but the Less than Container Load mode takes a lot of time. (LCL regularly stopping at the end of each month).

As we said in previous discussions of shipping from China to Canada, some factors affect transit time. The weather is one of the most important situations that ruin your transportation or it will get your stuff to receive sooner. rain, storm or snow may influence vehicles and vessels but doesn’t mean that you have to ship from China to Canada during summer. And the busy freight season will not be specific to any special season.

If your business located in Canada, want to move to Canada, sell your product from China to Canada and worry about the time transit. the top season for shipping from china to Canada is typically the December (one month before January), or from July to September. because in these times kids Back to School, also Halloween and Christmas are finished.

2. Air freight time

If you want to send your goods at the quickest time possible, we suggest you choose the airfreight. But do you know what is the air shipping processes? Do you know what condition affecting air freight from China to Canada?

The fact is that Aircraft is 30 times faster than the ship. Honesty People like sea freight more than air freight these days. but doesn’t mean air shipping is useless. Some people use air freight with certain goods and certain needs. For example, you want to move products less than 500 kilograms at the exact time from china to Canada. this vehicle sends your goods at the time you ordered but if you choose sea freight you have to deal with the delay.

shipping by air presents better air freight tracking and the information that your products will get to the right place at the right time. don’t forget that, if you use aircraft you faced with more safety rather than sea shipping. at sea or ocean, goods may be more damaged.

Canada Import rules and regulation

A. Planning to import

  1. Before shipping from china to Canada such as business or personal, you should get a Business Number published by the Canada Revenue Agency.
  2. Second, you have to Recognize the products you require to import. When you have information about your goods, the import takes place easily as much as possible. so pay attention to product combination information.
  3. Decide if you want to utilize the services of a licensed customs broker or not.
  4. Discover the exact place you want to import goods.
  5. Make sure the goods you want to import are allowed into Canada.
  6. Discover whether the shipment you plan to carry is controlled to any permit, limitations or laws.

B. Categorize your products

Categorize is so important for importing. For importing products you will need to define the correct tariff classification number. These numbers along with the source country goods are used to determine the price of complication you must pay when importing. This situation used for most countries like Canada, China, the United States, and India. So you can refer to the Harmonized System for Categorize your products.

C. Duties and taxes

  1. After getting tariff classification numbers, learn if your goods are included in the goods and services tax, indirect tax or indirect duty.

Remember, some commodities because of their type and materials, are subject to indirect tax or excise duty, or vice versa.

For example, some vehicles, fuels, automobile air conditioners include the excise tax. But material like Tobacco subject to excise duty.

  1. Define the value of the goods you are importing and measure how much duty and taxes you should pay.

D. Shipping your goods

  1. In this level, you should select a shipping method. For example which transportation you want to use for importing. as we said before sea freight and air freight are some of the common ways that people choose for shipping from China to Canada. but there are highway, marine, rail, postal or courier services that you can use for your transportation.
  2. All goods need to be reported to the Canada Border Services Agency. You cant move your stuff without informed this agency. because Canada Border Services Agency carrier transports stuff for you. Never forget that If you transporting the products by yourself you should talk to the Commercial Hand-Carried Goods Release Process.

E. release your products

  1. There are two options for getting your goods released. There are two choices for getting your goods released. With both choices, you may have the release and accounting reports yourself or you hire a licensed customs broker to do so. notwithstanding which system you use, the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) will allocate separate shipment a 14-digit transaction number to recognize your goods all over the release process.
  2. Options for release are payment of duties for the release of goods or release of products before the payment of duties.

F. The last prosses: After goods released

  1. Regulate errors in the accounting data you presented. If you make an error in the accounting information, you should be required to correct the information within 90 days after you discover the error. because it’s not the Canada Border Services Agency duty and you have to correct by yourself. If a shift in the accounting information issues in a refund of duties or taxes paid to us, an application for a return can be filed in most cases up to four years from the date the goods were admitted.
  2. Keep and protect all records of data import for six years. Don’t forget that you should protect all records data to your import for six years and following the importation of goods in either electronic or paper template. This information linking to the quantities received, the price paid the country of source, seller, goods, and all other related information. (This information are necessary for shipping from China o Canada) 3. Pay attention to your imports checked and issued by the CBSA. Commerce importations may be confirmed and regulated by the CBSA for origin, value for duty, or tariff classification up to four years after importation.

We separated Canada imports and regulations from A to F. So for your information and your success you should follow these steps to have standard shipping from china to Canada or everywhere.

The best method of shipping from China to Canada

The business number and custom fees

In this section, we want to specifically talk about business number and custom fees. If you want importing goods to Canada, as a company or a person, you need a Business Number. Business Number provided by the Canada Revenue Agency for an import or export.

Customs fee is a tax forced on load when moved across international boundaries. The target of Customs fee is to protect each country’s market, citizens, businesses, environment, etc by managing the going of goods, especially limited and banned goods, into and out of the area.

Prohibited items in Canada

You cant carry these things into Canada:

  1. Food: Fresh fruits and vegetables (even dried vegetables like herbs), animal and fish goods. Customs agents determine what is safe to bring in Canada. Generally, all kinds of fresh fruits, vegetables, or fresh/uncooked animal products like meat and fish are banned.
  2. organism like fish, minnows, leeches. Nightcrawlers are allowed but should be covered by artificial texture covers. Don’t forget that live organisms no allowed in soil way.
  3. Weapons & guns and anything related to war is not allowed. If you plan to ship to Canada for sport or hunting, you must report to the customs at the border. And necessity completes the non-resident firearms declaration form. Advisable not to carry any weapon cross the border. Because your shipping from china to Canada faced with problems and will have an impact on shipping time.
  4. You are not able to carry cannabis or any products containing cannabis cross into or out of Canada. Even you can’t deliver marijuana into Canada.
  5. Never bring any illegal drugs across the border in Canada.

Taxes and Duties in Canada

Anything sent to Canada may be directed to the Goods and Services Tax or duty. you need to pay the 5% Goods and Services Tax on things you import to Canada by mail. So the Canada Border Services Agency estimates any duties based on the value of the goods in Canadian funds. The duty charges differ from the type of goods you are shipping and the land from which they came or go in. Depending on the goods or their content, some other costs such as excise duty or excise tax may become more.

You do not have to pay the GST on these:

  • Products worth CAN$20 or less.
  • Gifts from family members or friends who live abroad if the value is CAN$60 or fewer.

Sea freight from China to Canada

Sea freight from China to Canada

Sea freight is one of the safest, economical and trustworthy ways of international shipping. In this way, you faced many kinds of shipping such as FCL (Full Container Load), LCL (Less than Container Load), CY-CY, CY-Door, Door-CY or Door-Door services.

Main seaports in China

Before shipping from China to Canada, you should know that China has 2000 ports that 130 of them are open to international ships. The major ports, available for sea freight include: Dalian, Beihai, Lianyungang, Shanghai, Dandong, Fuzhou, Guangzhou, Haikou, Hankou, Huangpu, Jiujiang, Nanjing, Nantong, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Qingdao, Weihai, Qinhuangdao, Rizhao, Sana, Yangzhou, Shantou, Tianjin, Venuzhou, Xiamen, Yantai, and Zhejiang.

Main seaports in Canada

It is necessary to mention Canadian ports such as a port of Montreal, Port Metro Vancouver, Port of Prince Rupert, Port of Saint John, Halifax Port, Authority Port of Nanaimo.

Factors Influencing Sea Freight Costs

1. Seasons:

 As we said previous sections, seasons can affect sea freight rates. Throughout high seasons, changes in supply and market can make some products more costly to carry. And cold weather can cause irregular changes in shipping rates.

2. Service Charges:

When goods are exported on sea tankers, terminal charged at the ports of departure and arrival. Also, seaport officials can tax additional service charges on vessels. These can be effective in cargo rates.

3. Container Capacity

To get the best acceptable rates, it is better to load ship to standard capacity. The carrier takes the cost of a container, even if the amount of goods shipped doesn’t fill in.

Air freight from China to Canada

Air freight from China to Canada

For shipping from China to Canda, Airfreight is a reliable and effective method for quick transport. Air cargo regularly has high value to weight or has an exact schedule.

Main Airports in China

  1. Beijing Capital International Airport
  2. Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  3. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  4. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Main airports in canada

  1. Toronto Pearson International Airport
  2. Vancouver International Airport
  3. Montréal-Trudeau International Airport
  4. Calgary International Airport
  5. Edmonton International Airport

Factors Influencing Air Freight Costs

Weight and Volume:

Weight and volume of loads define the cost of any flight. The best way to preventing the increased cost of transportation is that go with weight and volume standards.

1. Temperature:

Airfreight is sensitive to weather so shipping from china to Canada products that require a temperature-controlled environment. sometimes cold weather makes shipping dangerous so exporter waits until Make sure they are not in danger. This means that carriers can charge higher prices for these shipments, or even suggest temperature-controlled ULDs as a service upgrade.

2. Economically:

Economic situations direct influence on supply and demand. That is true for air freight. In growing economies, demand for air freight from China to Canada services can exceed, which guides to higher prices.

important question : Sea freight or Airfreight?

We can’t tell the exact answer to this question. Because each person or business chooses the type of transportation depending on their supply and demand. You should choose the method that is right for your goods. But remember, sea shipping is cheaper than air freight, also the air freight from China to Canada is faster than sea freight. So consider all the factors and choose the best one.

Shipping Option from China to Canada


  1. General Air Cargo
  2. Special Air Cargo


Sea freight:

  1. Full Container Load (FCL)
  2. Less than Container Load (LCL)


FAQ - Shipping from China to Canda

Frequently, Air freight from China to Canada will take about 6-13 days. Sea freight from China to Canada takes 29-33 days.

Flight shipping allows you to transfer your container anywhere in the 24 hours a day or seven days a week. so Airfreight is faster than sea transportation.

Sea freight is the cheapest way to send goods to Canada.

Answer to this question is entirely up to your goals and demands. For example, some people care about time and speed, so they choose Air transport or for some companies, the rates and costs are important so they are shifting to sea shipping. You have to set your goals and desires, and then determine how to transport.

To track shipping from China to Canada you should have tracking codes and simply enter your tracking number into the search field. then click track Package and reach to your information.

Lawfully, all transporters must have insurance. so the company or person who owns goods can request shipload insurance to protect products from loss, harm, or theft while in transition.

Insurance is a process of controlling dangers. When you have insurance, you give the price of potential damage to the insurance company.