Air Freight from China to Canada

Air Freight from China to Canada

Have you ever thought of any other ways to transport goods? How can move your goods by Air freight from China to Canada? What is the factor of transport you are worried about? Price, service, safe delivery. Therefore you only have to find a reliable freight forwarder in China to do so. Whenever you buy products in China, you must ship from China to Canada.

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Step by step tips for Air freight from China to Canada

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Have you ever thought of any other ways to transport goods? How can move your goods by Air freight from China to Canada? It’s the service companies turn to when an assembly line cracks down, and they require an urgent replacement part. It’s what pharmaceutical organizations use to ship temperature-sensitive immunizations global. And it’s what retailers utilize to get high-value and high-demand electronics on their shelves with speed.

From pickup to delivery, the process is easy. logistics provider will correlate with a local shipper to pick up your warehouse or goods. Once the freight is placed, the carrier will tender the shipment to the airport, where it will be set onto a plane. When the freight arrives at the target airport, your transmitter will arrange for pickup and delivery.

Air freight time and cost are the most important subject we want to talk about it and show you how time and price can affect your delivery. If you are looking for a quick solution for moving your goods, we will explain the details in this discussion.

Step 1: Air freight from China to Canada cost

Air freight from China to Canada cost

In this section, we are going to introduce shipping from China to Canada cost. First, note that your shipping price depends on various matters such as weather, destination, type of transportation, the season of flight, size of goods and more. As a result, it is not possible to write the same version for the company or person.

Before shipping, consider the above and be aware of the impact on prices. For example, air freight from Shanghai to Vancouver is $1960 and varies depending on the season. Remember, one of the most important advantages of air transport from China to Canada is that you will not find it in any of the transportation methods. But the cost of air freight may be expensive and difficult for some people to pay. But if speed is important to you and you’re looking for the right solution, air transportation is the best choice.

Air freight price table per KG

Keep in mind that the cost of transportation by aircraft is calculated per kilo and has a specific law. So be sure to calculate the price range before deciding to do so. When it comes to air freight from China to Canada, weight, and volume are important determinants. Air vehicles will charge by either volumetric weight or real weight, depending on which is more costly.

The air freight global rule of thumb is to measure the volumetric weight is to multiply the item’s volume in cubic meters by 167. The size of the package is W: 40cm, H: 40cm L:40. Also, Multiply by 167, and you get a volumetric weight of 10.67 kg. If the volumetric weight passes the actual weight of the goods, the volumetric weight becomes the chargeable weight. For light air cargo, use this weight calculator to work out whether your transport will be charged by real weight or dimensional weight.

Factors Influencing Air freight Costs

Different factors affect the cost of your shipping. If you know these factors before shipping, you can easily estimate the cost of shipping and have a comfortable commute. This way factors will help you make better choices when it comes to the shipping prices.

1. Weight of the freight

For Air freight from China to Canada, the weight of the shipment is the most influential factor. But in the case of transportation, there seems to be a slight change in the way weight affects shipping rates. Freight rates will be cheaper when it comes to shipping price per 45.3592 Kg.

The reason is that the pre-defined freight groups. If the weight of goods were heavy more than standard, As the weight of the shipment increases, it moves to the next shipment group. Already in the next shipment group, the weight is estimated in the lowest weight category in that special group.

Hence, the weight is matched with the corresponding shipping rates of that particular group. Furthermore, there is one more reason the weight of the shipment is among the top factors that affect the shipping rates. Weight, along with the density, helps to recognize the freight class. Consequently, becoming the deciding factor when it comes to shipping prices.

2. Air freight destination

The distance between the origin and the target follows a very easy rule. it’s very natural that more the distance more will be the cost of shipping. Nevertheless, may shipping rates vary from place to place. because shipping carriers may or may not cover the specific geographic area. In such cases, one shipping carrier may contact another carrier to complete the shipment. This way the carriers will eliminate the problem of covering the shipping address. So, different source and destination per transport, and various other circumstances can affect the transport rates to a large extent.

In the case of a single transport, the source and destination’s distance from the nearest metro city is taken into consideration. Also, different locations may vary the volume for shipping and may also increase the shipping charges.

3. Shipping density

To calculate the density you need to divide the entire weight of the shipment with the per cubic feet. After measuring, you can determine the Air freight from China to Canada method for your packages. This will determine the shipping rates for your shipment. Moreover, the density of the shipment also allows the transmitters to pinpoint the space that the shipment will fill. This way it will increase the shipping rates for you.

4. Freight class

Freight classes comprise of two important points:

  • Low freight classes
  • Hight freight classes

The lower air freight classes will have lower transportation rates. It will cover the freight with a higher density that won’t be likely to damage simply. So, the goods will be easier to manage. On the other hand, the higher freight classes will have products with higher shipping prices. But remember that the more delicate and fragile your goods are, the harder they are to handle and they require more careful management.

5. Air shipping models

As we talked about different flight classes, here we want to introduce you to different models. The classes you choose have different speeds. If you want to use the fastest shipping from China to Canada, it is costly and you should charge more than other models. Of course, there is lower air transport speed, but air transport is expensive at high speeds.

6. Fuel Payment

It is clear to say that the Air freight from China to Canada cost also depends on the price of the fuel. Nevertheless, it is not as simple as it looks. Transportation shippers have no way to repay for the rise or even decrease in the fuel prices. So, the only available option is to give the difference in the fuel charges over to the users. consequently, the fuel charges go up, the shipping rates will be more expensive. This is essentially done by adding a fuel price segment between the shipping charges. The same thing happens if the fuel charges go down. The shipping shippers may choose to levy off the fuel price or reduce the amount so that the shipping charges are more affordable but still they manage to make profits.

7. Negotiation and tariff rates

The good news is that for shipping, you can negotiate with the company you want and talk about prices. Each company has specific tariffs and sometimes offer about 20% to 25% discounts for negotiating rate. But if you don’t find the rate you want, you can easily negotiate and pay the price you want. Of course, all companies have the limitation and should not be ignored. but, most air freight companies bring you the best and most affordable price.

8. Freight insurance

Insurance is another factor that affects your freight rate indirectly. Never accept any carriage without insurance. If you pay for insurance, the shipping company will pay for any damage and harm to your goods. and at least you can be comfy. As a result, insurance is necessary for Air freight from China to Canada.

Air freight rates

Each transportation works differently and probably has a distinguished way of displaying shipper base rates. As a standard starting tip, carriers use a load’s weight and volume when estimating the price. they will decide rates by choosing among the higher of weight and volume, choosing what is known as liable weight.

Note that all air shipping from China to Canada are done using the formula below and the prices you will have to pay will ultimately be determined:

Volumetric Weight= Length x Width x Height (Dimensional Factor)

Measurements can be done in inches or centimeters, as long as the other factor does not affect loads. Sometimes these factors determining air freight rates protect carriers from losing money on moving cargo that has a low density-to-weight rate. In general, we recommend that you weigh the loads before choosing an Air freight company and spending money. This way, you can easily calculate the air freight budget and take action afterward. If you take a step without research, you may incur additional costs and regret your actions.

Which is the cheapest?

As we said in the previous sections, many things affect the cost of Air freight from China to Canada. For this reason, they cannot be considered a fixed cheap price like sea freight. One can only point out that the smaller the size and weight of your goods, the more likely you are to spend less. As a result, no company can individually consider the low cost because the airline prices are fixed.

The good news is that transportation companies often offer reasonable discounts and tariffs to their customers, which makes your shipping cheaper. Try to report the size and weight of your goods correctly to the Department of Transportation. so that there is no problem with the size and cost of shipping.

Step 2: How long Air freight from China to Canada?

How long Air freight from China to Canada

How long Air freight from China to Canada

When it comes to shipping, time also is one of the most important processes that are particular interest to the readers. But have you ever thought what time shipping was like? How time can be estimated in flight? Is time important in transportation? In the following, we are going to introduce you to time and tell important details.

Time is as valuable as your money. Sometimes we think the less money we spend and the more time we buy, we make a profit. But you are completely wrong. As time goes on, the value of markets falls and sometimes leads to mistrust. If you consider time as much as money, you will gain more trust and profitability.

For example, you want to sell and trade your goods to someone. For sending the goods to the destination country, you are in doubt about which method to use. If you have promised a specific time, the best choice is air transport. Although you will incur a lot of money, you will benefit from it in time and your goods will reach the destination sooner.

Time table

The time table varies for each country and destination. If the destination is far from China, may more time it takes for shipping. For example, Air freight from China to Canada takes about 6 to 13 days. But this time is about busy seasons and in some seasons, especially in the Chinese New Year, it is quite different.

In principle, time and expenses will increase during the Chinese holidays. As a result, our suggestion is to do the shipping in peak season in order to avoid wasting time and money. For further information, it is important to know that air transport time depends on two factors. Whether you use port-to-port or door-to-door If you use the port-to-port model it takes between 4 and 7 days to ship, but if you use the door-to-door method it takes about 6 to 13 days for your goods to arrive.

In this section, you are familiar with the different Air freight from China to Canada time. Next, we intend to provide the fastest time possible to reach your goods so that you can make the best choice.

The fastest time to air freight from China to Canada

Naturally, for some businesses, time is more important than money, and they want their goods to be delivered to the user on time. It may come as a surprise why they don’t use the oceanic transport system? Because sea freight is cheaper and more affordable we can’t force people to choose the sea freight system. first, we need to consider the demands of the companies and choose the type of transportation. You cannot consider one type of transportation for every person because expectations are quite different.

In general, freight forwarder from China to Canada is much faster than sea transport and is suitable for people who care about time. But it is interesting to know that air transport is also divided into different categories and has different speeds. If you are in a hurry and want products to reach your target customer as soon as possible, it is best to use the port-to-port system. but you will most likely have to get the product in person and get the goods from that port. But this is not true about the door-to-door system and the product is easily available to the user. As a result, the port-to-port system is considered to be the fastest Air freight from China to Canada and will take approximately 4 days depending on the season you choose.

The fastest air freight

The port-to-port air transportation Model is the best and fastest flight port you can use for air freight from China to Canada.

Step 3: Air freight from china to Canada process

Air freight from china to Canada process

Air Freight from China to Canada includes a load of packages and commodities via aircraft. An air vehicle could be commercial or charter. Transportation by air vehicles provides shipments an easier gateway to anywhere in the world. The method of air freight is utilized in connection with other shipping systems such as rail, sea and has since become generally used as one of the most effective transportation choices in exporting and importing in the 21st century.

The air transport industry has developed regularly over the past decades and recognized as an expert and quicker way of carrying products. The process of freight forwarder needs many necessary steps taken by the freight forwarder and air transport. so in this part, we show guidelines on how the process of air cargo is shipped out daily.

4 important steps that happen in the shipping process. No air freight from China to Canada is done without these three and if they do, you probably choose the wrong company. As a result, be sure to read these 3 before handing your goods over to others.

1. Gathering the Shipment

Assembling goods for customers and adjusting the packing materials and the packing list is necessary. It is important to know that it is not possible to transport goods without packaging and arrange them. and the materials in the package must be an array. Once the shipment is assembled we can move onto the next step.

2. Truk part

After the packing step, your goods will be shipped to the truck section to transfer to the airport. No need to worry, companies have selected the best trucks for Air freight to Canada and your supplies are completely safe. Just remember to get your shipping insurance.

3. Transport document

This part is so essential and important. Documents are prepared for you by the shipping company. These documents contain information about goods, payments, shipping times and other things that you should always keep. Remember, these documents serve as evidence for you. If there is a problem with the goods you can follow up on the received documents and review your goods. As a result, be sure to ask for documents after the goods are delivered to the company.

4. Arrival of goods

In this section, your goods will fly to the air and as soon as they arrive at the destination airport, they will go to the special warehouse. After going through some steps and checking, the customer can pick up the goods from the warehouse.

Important tips about exporting your goods by air:

  1. Goods are received and given to a Proof of Acceptance.
  2. An incoming check is completed and classified according to flight dates for goods to be carried.
  3. Recheck labels and sure they didn’t have any errors. re-label if needed and make necessary security reports.
  4. Prepare all documents and clear them for customs.
  5. Pack all goods according to all regulations of necessity and prepare a master Air Waybill.
  6. Organize transport to airlines and notify receiving an end of the inbound package.
Important tips about importing your goods:
  1. Set documents once published by the airline and providing local pickup of the documents.
  2. Fixing customs documents, helping with clearance and printing the customs release note.
  3. Arrange local pickup of the package from the airline.
  4. Prepare transfer to consignee with all related documentation and receive Proof of Delivery.
After Receiving shipment:
  1. After receiving your goods, check all the number of goods and if any visible damage can be identified. So provide Proof of Delivery.
  2. Also, unwrap all goods and completely check for any damages that have happened during shipping.
  3. Count present goods with the packing list and check any missing items. Arrange for any warranty claims along with payments for transport suppliers where necessary. Make arrangements for customs declarations when required.

Main airports in China

  • Beijing Capital International Airport
  • Beijing Daxing International Airport
  • Shanghai Pudong International Airport
  • Hong Kong International Airport
  • Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
  • Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport
  • Kunming Changshui International Airport

Main airports in Canada

  • Vancouver International Airport (YVR)
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ)
  • Halifax Stanfield International Airport (YHZ)
  • Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL)
  • Ottawa McDonald-Cartier International Airport (YOW)
  • Calgary International Airport (YYC)
  • Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (YWG)
  • Victoria International Airport (YYJ)
  • St. John’s International Airport (YYT)
  • Edmonton International Airport (YEG)

What is air freight most used?

Air freight doesn’t have as many options as sea shipping. Because the two classes that are intended for this system are responsive to the needs of the people and do not require a new and different class. But it should be noted that most users choose the transport model depending on their wants and demands. For example, the port to port model is suitable for people who have easy access to the airport and can take their packages from the airport instead of the warehouse. But other people may not have access to the airport and would rather have their goods from the warehouse.

In the end, air transport alone is one of the fastest shipping in the world. so every air freight classes are the same.

Step 4: Canada Import rules and regulation

For shipping from China to Canada, you have to comply with the laws of the countries and know all the rules before shipping your goods. Never send goods to anyone without information. Because before you know it, your products are banned from leaving the country and stuck in a bad situation. Before you begin shipping, you need to register your company for an import and export account. So Business Number or BN is necessary.

For more information on Canadian import regulations, please notice the following:

  • Make sure if the products you want to import from china are inhibited from entering Canada or not.
  • Decide if the goods are subject to any restrictions that would need you to obtain approvals or permits before shipping them.
  • Understand how to distinguish the goods and how any tariffs, duties or taxes are estimated.
  • Be sure that your supplier meets all Canadian labeling and marking provisions.
  • Ensure that you use a shipping company that understands and complies with the regulation.
  • Make sure that all wanted documents are ready to be examined along with your freight.

The business number and custom fees

The Business Number is a unique number that you should have for admits business as a tax ID. It is a nine-digit number that is individual to your business and that is used when you dealing with federal, provincial, or local governments. If you intend to use Air freight from China to Canada you should provide a business number for Import/Export, Corporate Income Tax, Excise duty.

Customs fees are a price used to containers when moving across worldwide boundaries. Customs fee support all businesses, residents, markets, the environment by sending goods into and out of the country. When your goods reach the freight address, customs fees may be charged. You must spend any extra charges and clearance the container from customs.

Prohibited items in Canada

There are limitations to the goods you ship from China to Canada. If you do not comply with these restrictions, your goods will not be allowed to enter and will be blocked.

  1. All food, plants, animals, and related products must be declared. Food can carry diseases, such as E. coli. Animals and animal products can carry diseases, such as avian influenza. So never carry them.
  2. Bombs, fireworks and certain types of material into Canada.
  3. All kinds of weapons and firearms are banned.
  4. Any kind of vehicles such as passenger cars, snowmobiles, pickup trucks, and motor homes, as long as you use them for non-commercial goals.
  5. The importation of certain consumer goods that could act as a danger to the people is forbidden. Canadian citizens should be informed of consumer products that have security requirements in Canada.

Taxes and Duties in Canada

Taxes and duties are two important things that happen to any carrier. In fact, even if you plan to travel, you have to pay taxes and duties and not just for shipping. It should be noted that different taxes and duties should be considered for each person because they carry different types of products and a diverse volume of goods.

Note the following:

  1. Your country decides the worth of duty or tax on your shipment.
  2. Duties and Tax are estimated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods with the formula of item + insurance + shipping.
  3. Any duties and taxes on Air freight from China to Canada will be billed straight to you.


How long does it take to shipping from China to Canada?

It depends entirely on your choice. But basically, Air freight from China to Canada will take about 6-13 days.

How big is the box size?

The maximum load dimensions for standard Air freight from China to Canada are 2.44 x 3.15m. Oversize cargo can be carried but may need to be prepared with special equipment. Outsize cargo may require special charter services.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, you need insurance. Insurance is the guarantee of your goods and it would not be possible without it. Any corporate transportation also has insurance. Because if your equipment gets damaged, your insurance company will pay for it. Even with insurance, you can be sure of not being stolen.

Remember to ask any questions about the security and health of your goods first. The Air shipping company is required to provide you information about transport security. If a company doesn’t tell you about insurance, never negotiate with them.

Main China air freight companies:

  2. ChinaTrans International Limited
  3. Freight Best
  4. CTS International Logistics Corporation Limited
  5. C&D Corporation Limited
  6. Sinosteel Shipping & Forwarding Co. Ltd.
  7. JC Logistics Group Co. Ltd.
  8. Zhenhua Logistics Group
  9. Kerry Logistics
  10. China Railway United Logistics Co. Ltd.

What should I do when the cargo arrives?

First, Cargo arrives at the warehouse and awaiting shipment. second, you should clearance for the release of cargo at the destination airport. before it gets released from the handling warehouse the receiving unit of Air transportation has to take care of import documents. in the end, Cargo arrives at a destination. Eventually, your goods are now received by your agent. Remember to check the loads before leaving the warehouse at home or work so ensure they are safe.