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Air freight - Take flight over everything

The ever-expanding global markets require modern and international freight services. Today, companies and businesses have a variety of options to choose between different freight services. Thanks to these improvements, air freight becomes an industry.

The first use of air freight is back to 1910 from Dayton to Columbus that a store in Ohio send a silk cloud.

Some believe that World War II was an air battle of nations so that air freight shipping showed its potential to carry bombs and weapons of war. At that time, the technology used to build aircraft was significantly improved. Also, the aircraft engines became more powerful so that they could carry more weight and fly faster and farther.

Air Freight Pros

Fast delivery

This freight way is one of the most efficient in terms of time.

Shipping Tracking

Air freight provides the most accurate and fastest tracking system. You can track your package even in the air.

Low / Zero Risk

No risk of injury or damage or theft. Greatly reduce the risk of the goods being damaged or spoiled. The risk of theft is also zero.

High security

Because at airports, control and monitoring of products is extremely high.

Why TopShipping is the best?

What is important for companies and businesses is to find the fastest and the cheapest way to transport goods. Air freight is usually done in the following three ways, which are provided by most freight companies. The industry has different flight options to suit every need and situation such as:

A) Next flight out

As soon as a flight becomes available, we will send your product.

This method is very fast but expensive. It is also a bite risky because they will confirm the capacity needed for products at the very last moment. For using this, you need to use the assistance of resources and experts in freight shipping companies who can locate the needed capacity and ensure that your timelines are met.

B) Consolidated shipping

In this method, your good will travel along with other clients’ goods. In other words, other people can use the same flight to carry their cargo. Due to the fact that your good is shipped with countless others goods, it can be cost effective.

This method is not suitable for companies that don’t work with many customers because they may not be able to provide regular freight services by using consolidated air freight. It can lead to delays in deliveries.

C) Deferred

In this type of air freight shipping, companies postponed the freight of lower priority cases until they find any available space on the aircraft. With this service, usually, freight forwarders defer their freight to third or fourth business days to find the needed space. This way is slower and cheaper than the two other services. However, it is good to mention that this type of shipment usually operates on a defined and regular schedule.

Since we work with companies that operate in different fields, we must consider the type of freight forwarding, product, date of delivery and the destination country. Our experts can make the best choice for you in terms of shipping conditions, available routes, costs and timetables, by using their experience in this field, so that your cargo can be transported in the best possible conditions.

Air Freight Cons

Weight limit

Due to the limited space of aircraft compared to ships, this method has a weight limit.

Environment Unfriendly

It has a greater negative impact on the environment than other methods. Because old aircraft are used for air transportation and cargo, which are more polluting than new models.

Relatively Expensive

Air freight service is more expensive method than other options. Sometimes, for the same distance, up to 10 times more expensive than sea freight.

Weather Dependant

Bad weather cancels or delays the flight. This means a delay in cargo delivery.

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Get a Quote Air Freight Rates

Note that the air freight rate is calculated based on the weight and volume. Here you need to first measure the volumetric weight and the gross weight of the product. To calculate the gross weight, place the product on the scales. We also use the following formula for volumetric weight: (Length×weight×high) Or 167

Then the biggest number is your chargeable weight for freight rate. But that’s not the end of the story. There are many other factors that affect your costs such as:

  • Cargo insurance
  • Packaging
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Distance
  • Freight class
  • Customs duties and taxes
  • Pickup and delivery

Air freight companies come to pave the way

Air freight process is complex and lengthy. It is beneficial to get help from freight forwarder companies to ensure safe, on time and hassle-free delivery of your goods. They manage and monitor all stages of your transportation with professional, reliable and responsible people.

At the beginning of cooperation with these companies, you have to provide them with the exact characteristics, size of your cargo and the delivery date. This will help them to evaluate your needs and offer you with the best services.

Air freight has generally three steps:

  • Packing, cover costumes clearance and administrative work before exporting (under the supervision of the customs of the origin country)
  • Ship the products from the airport
  • Cargo clearance (under the supervision of the customs of the destination country)

The transport and customs laws of each country are different and constantly changing. It is better to choose companies that are fully aware of these rules.

You can rely on TopShipping as your air freight company, so as you could outsource all the administrative (custom release, …), security and negotiation process, choosing the best aircraft and services that suit your needs. Also we choose the best loading airport, qualified seller and the highest quality and cheapest good for you.

With many years of experience in this field, you can see that we are serious in our business. By using any types of our freight services, especially air freight, you can have a market for your products or services in the furthest regions of the world. Our team constantly monitors the shipping process, packaging and loading of your product in order to prevent any financial loss for you.

Are you considering air freight from China? (It is probably your best bet)

Our long-term cooperation with various companies and customers around the world has made our freight services cover different countries such as the US, UK, China, Canada and Middle East countries. This company makes it possible to transfer any cargo from anywhere specially from China.

Air freight from China is an efficient and cost-effective strategy. Because not only the delivery speed is fast but also the cost is lower than other countries. But at the same time in Chinese market, there is a lot of competition for the sailing. Therefore our freighters will make sure that you choose the most suitable one before making any agreement with seller. She/he checks the authenticity of documents, match the costs to be paid with the references cost.