Opportunities beckon as energy sector booms

Opportunities beckon as energy sector booms

December 4, 2023

The expanding oil and gas, and renewables sector, presents a myriad of opportunities for the logistics industry.

“We are constantly creating strategic partnerships with local governments, communities, and other stakeholders in Africa to ensure mutually beneficial relationships, sustainable development, and socio-economic growth for these sectors,” says Dinesh Balgobind, director at ICA Bulk Logistics.

“Environmental sustainability has become critically important and reducing the carbon footprint a priority.

“This has seen an increase in investment in renewable energy solutions.”

Balgobind, who has recently returned from East Africa, highlighted that gas was rapidly gaining traction as a prominent commodity in the region.

“One of the notable developments is in Tanzania where the discovery of substantial offshore natural gas fields is taking place.

“The most significant discovery is the deepwater Block 1 gas field, known as Tanzania Liquefied Natural Gas (TLNG) project.

“It is estimated to hold around 57 trillion cubic feet (tcf ) of natural gas reserves, making it one of the largest discoveries in East Africa.”

Balgobind said the development of this project involved building onshore and offshore infrastructure, including drilling wells, constructing pipelines, and establishing liquefaction plants.

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