APM Terminals establishes new priority truck lane at Los Angeles Pier 400

APM Terminals establishes new priority truck lane at Los Angeles Pier 400

December 5, 2023

The establishment of the express lane is the outcome of a collaborative initiative between Pier 400, local trucking communities, and other industry parties.

A significant volume of approximately 3,000 trucks pass through APM Terminals Pier 400’s truck gates each weekday, accounting for over 850,000 truck transactions in the past 12 months. Notably, nearly 1,200 trucks are enrolled in the Port of Los Angeles Clean Truck Program. Preliminary studies on truck turn times indicate potential savings of approximately nine minutes per turn, on average, in the express lane compared to conventional lanes, with the potential for more substantial savings during peak hours.

The environmental impact is noteworthy, with an estimated elimination of approximately 34 pounds of Scope 1 CO2e emissions per zero-emission truck trip compared to trips powered by internal combustion engines.

In light of impending regulations prohibiting diesel trucks from registering in the California Air Resources Board (CARB) system by January 2024 and the state’s goal of achieving 100% zero-emission drayage trucks by 2035, Pier 400 anticipates a nearly doubled count of certified clean trucks eligible for its lane by the end of 2024.

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