Transportation by ship

Transportation by ship

May 13, 2021

The largest international transportation segment is carried out by the ship, or so-called, or by sea shipping, and is particularly suited for relatively cheap and bulk commodities. Maritime transportation is among the oldest among all modes of transportation, with this type of transportation of various types of goods by small types of small boats and large portable vessels. Up to 90% of the world’s merchandise is carried by sea and the reason is that there are multiple benefits for foreign trade compared with air, rail or road transport.

Advantages of using our shipping service are as follows

This kind of transportation was initially initiated by nations and people living on the shores of the great seas and rivers, and today all nations of the world are somehow dealing with it and enjoying its benefits. In an ever-growing globalized economy, the necessity for shipping bigger volumes of cargo in the less time possible is increasing. Without shipping the import and export of goods on the scale necessary to sustain the modern world would not be possible.

Transportation by ship: It seems that providing efficient services in maritime transport is an indispensable parameter in conducting successful international trade, efficient transportation will certainly increase international trade, the parameters affecting such transportation will be affected by regulations and the rules governing shipping, as well as governing the provision of additional services, will in some way affect shipping costs.

– Secure service at competitive rates

– The high standard in the global service

– Specific and steady transit time that includes all situations in the shipping chain

– Extreme performance/price ratio

– The very high degree of flexibility

At present, Ohm Sea Shipping Services can be provided to customers including

– Container Operation

– Dry bulk ships

– Ferries carrying petroleum products and L.P.G

– Heavy goods and traffic

– Multifaceted and intermediate operations

– Door To Door service

Advantages of transportation by ship

1) Maritime shipping is cheaper than other methods, and therefore owners of goods and businesses prefer to carry their goods with free waters. It can be said that the largest volume of trade and transportation through the sea and free waters are done.

2) Another advantage of this method is the fixed rate of fare. Because the fares are set by large shipping companies, it is almost the same rate that everyone is bound to comply with (Of course, free ships are agreed upon by the owner of the goods and the carrier Rate rate).

Of course, free ships determine the rate by agreement with the owner of the goods and the company

3) Another advantage is the transportation of high volume goods. Through the free waters, relatively heavy loads of up to 200-500 thousand tons can easily be moved from one port to another.

4) Another advantage of this method is that the safety coefficient of transportation and transportation through high-water is high. Because those who carry the goods are required to comply with international standards and laws.


It can be said that the only fault of shipping by sea is the delivery time of goods that is more than air and land transport. This method is not recommended if time is important for you.

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