Shipping From China To US Cost: The Definitive Guide

Shipping From China To US Cost The Definitive Guide

Millions of people have probably considered this business model: importing high-quality goods from China and selling them in various US markets. Despite Alibaba’s ease of finding product suppliers, many people abandon this company idea due to a lack of knowledge about the procedures of Shipping from China to US Cost.

When it comes to shipping from China to US Cost, over 90% of goods suppliers on Alibaba are not experts in all delivery methods, which means they are more likely to overcharge for their services.

Alternatively, many prefer that you utilize your own freight forwarder to pick up cargo from their warehouse or the port in China.

For newcomers to importing from China, this is a rather disheartening statement.

As a result, we penned this post to provide you with an estimate of the Shipping from China to US Cost of goods, utilizing seven different methods. By doing the arithmetic on your own, you may determine the value of an item and determine the most cost-effective shipping method.

Express Shipping from China to US Cost

FedEx, UPS, and DHL all charge a premium for their services, so keep that in mind.

If your supplier or freight forwarder ships many goods each year, you may be eligible for a discount from the express companies.

A discount express agent can be found and asked to send the items to the United States if your Chinese supplier doesn’t frequently utilize FedEx to ship goods from China to the US.

As a result, you’ll save money on shipping from China to US Cost.

This means that in addition to the season and how much space is available in the plane; Furthermore, the express delivery price is affected by the variation in the agents’ discounts.

Moving on to the FedEx delivery cost estimate.

Even though FedEx’s delivery rates fluctuate, the company’s prices remain within a certain range.

You can easily calculate the actual cost of delivery to your address using the reference price I provide in this post and the other influencers mentioned above.

International Priority and International Economy shipping options are available through FedEx. Internet Protocol (IP) has a faster transit time than Internet Explorer (IE). IP typically takes 2-3 working days, while IE often takes 4-6 days.

I use the terms “little package” and “cargo” to refer to anything weighing less than or equal to 20 kilograms. To understand how much it will cost, take a look at the tables below.

To begin, here are the instructions for the relatively light package (weighing in at around 21 kilograms):

0.5-5.5 Kilogram Cost $ 6.5-11KG Cost $ 11.5-16.5KG Cost $ 17-25.5KG Cost $
0.7 26 6 98 11.7 169 18 242
1 31 6.5 103 12 175 17.5 248
1.5 38 7 110 12.5 182 18 254
2 45 7.8 117 14 189 18.7 262
2.5 51 8 123 13.5 195 19 267
3 57 8.5 130 14 202 20 274
3.5 64 9 136 14.5 208 20.5 280
4 71 9.7 144 16 216 _ _
4.5 78 11 149 15.7 222 _ _
5 85 10.7 157 17 229 _ _
5.5 90 11 162 16.5 234 _ _


FedEx IE (<21KG)


0.5-5.5KG Cost $ 6-11KG Cost $ 11.5-16.5KG Cost $ 17-20.5KG Cost $
0.5 24 6 72 11.5 112 17 161
1 29 6.5 77 12 127 17.5 167
1.5 36 7 82 12.5 131 18 171
2 43 7.5 87 13 136 18.5 175
2.5 50 8 92 13.5 139 19 180
3 53 8.5 97 14 144 20 186
3.5 56 9 102 14.5 148 20.5 190
4 61 9.5 107 15 152 _ _
4.5 66 10 112 15.5 152 _ _
5 70 10.5 115 16 155 _ _
5.5 71 11 119 16.5 158 _ _


IP delivery costs more than IE, according to the data above.

When it comes to mailing product samples, FedEx IP is the finest option. However, FedEx IE is the best option for CARGO >21 KG.

FedEx does not carry lithium batteries, powder, or liquids.  Certain express agents can assist you if you’re shipping to Hong Kong first. Then have FedEx or DHL of Hong Kong send them to the United States. However, shipping delicate items, which often cost more than $10/kg to ship (or more), is a significant expense.

What is the All-included cost of air freight to the United States?


You can use air freight if the weight of the cargo is more than 500 kilograms. Airfreight costs are also a consideration.

When working with an Alibaba supplier or a freight forwarder, be sure to get an estimate for the entire procedure of Shipping from China to US Cost.

Shipping from China to US Cost from China’s airport/port to your door is included in this pricing. The air freight transportation procedure has three primary stages, as described earlier.

Choosing whether or not to have your things delivered directly to your front door is a crucial decision that must be made in advance. It is not uncommon for freight forwarders or suppliers to provide you with a quote that includes shipping costs from the Chinese origin to the final destination. These rates appear inexpensive at first, but there are additional costs that you may not be aware of. Some customs clearance and domestic land costs are left out of the equation. Airfreight, like express, is subject to real-time pricing fluctuations.

I’ll give you a ballpark figure for air freight here. For shipments weighing more than 500 kg, air freight costs about $5.5 per kilogram. I’ll also provide the express price of $6.5/kg here so that you can make an easy comparison. You should remember that the price I quoted you does not include China’s local logistics costs. (From China factory to China airport). When it comes to air freight, shipping times are calculated by the time it takes to book shipment space + flight time + local delivery time. It usually takes between four to seven days.

There are two stages to air freight:

  • It costs money to fly from a Chinese airport to an American airport.
  • The transportation price from an airport in the United States to your home.

In addition, Chinese export fees and American custom clearance costs must be included.

Ask your local freight forwarder for an exact estimate of the cost of customs clearance and local logistics in the United States.

Sea freight to the US from China

Let us now turn our attention to ocean freight.

This is the most complicated mode of transportation. You don’t have to be concerned, though, because this tutorial will walk you through everything step-by-step. If you have more than two cubic meters of goods, you should choose sea freight.

If you’re looking to compare pricing and estimate delivery costs, this guide provides an all-inclusive price. This price that we discussed does not include the cost of local logistics in China, but it does cover the cost of delivery to your door.

NO HURRY, I’m not done yet. I’ll show you something else.


Containers are used to transport sea freight cargo.

The freight forwarder will assist you if the volume of your goods is less than 15 CBM and the volume of your goods is less than 15 CBM. It suggests that you’ll have to share a container with other importers because your cargo is smaller than the capacity of a container. LCL calculates freight using the CBM (Cubic Meter) unit.

When you have enough cargo to fill more than one container, you’re dealing with a full container load (FCL).

A container’s weight is taken into account while calculating freight. In most cases, LCL Shipping from China to US Cost will be less expensive.  In addition, there are three basic types of container models:

Full container load 20” GP 40” GP 40” HQ
CBM contained


What is the All-Included cost of sea freight to the United States?

Again, using the pricing listed here as a guide, you may estimate your Shipping from China to US Cost.

In the case of LCL, I’ll give you prices for the western, middle, and eastern U.S. for your consideration.

However, we can only give you an idea of the FCL price based on the port of Los Angeles’s costs for reference. This is due to the broad and vast range of prices transported from China to various U.S. ports. In addition, the United States has over a hundred ports.

In addition, the shipping business sets the rates for marine freight in real-time.

Ask our customer service specialist for an exact price quote for your port. They can put you in touch with the shipping business and provide you with a current quote.

CBM and container shipping rates are shown in the following table:

SA 3-5CBM 5-10CBM 10 CBM+ 20”GP    40”HQ
US West ($) 310 240 180 3700 4200
Cen.am ($) 340 290 240 _ _
US East ($) 370 320 260 _ _


And here’s how you can figure out how much it will cost to ship your stuff.

Final Words 

We hope that this comprehensive article has provided you with a wealth of information and ideas for minimizing Shipping from China to US Costs and finding the best shipping method for your items. And we were able to clear up any misunderstandings you had about the subject. The best way to have your questions answered is to leave a quick remark below. We’re here to ensure you have obtained all the information you need.

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