About us

About Topshipping

TopShipping is a leading international company offers solutions and services in the field of sourcing, international and domestic freight forwarding, Customs clearance, cargo insurance, end to end logistics, pickup and delivery services.

It was founded in 2012 and its headquarter is in Shenzhen. Also, it has branch offices in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo, Qingdao, Beijing, Tianjin etc.

So, it doesn’t matter where you are, we are always at your service

about us

Our values – Call of duty

“People always come first”, it is what we are truly believed in. We target the needs of our customers and take steps to meet them. In matter of fact, our company is based on valuing people and their desires. We aim to create a new line of thought and culture where respecting the customer, his satisfaction and trust to our commitment are paramount.

Let us share with you the secret of a good and professional cooperation. It’s mutual trust and support. Our relationship with our customers is based on trust. Thus, you trust us and we will support you in meeting your needs. When you choose TopShipping, you will enter into a family where all the members support each other. So be sure that in cooperating with us, you are fully safe.

Also we believe your win is our win. In other word, your satisfaction and trust is a reflection of our work commitment and credibility. Also, TopShipping’s initiative and innovation in offering world-class services has earned us our current prestige and position. In this way, we believe in creativity and flexibility in offering services.

In addition, when we start our business with you, we are loyal to our partnership till the end. These values lead us to a professional, safe, vibrant and experienced work environment.

TopShipping is interested in providing the best in freight forwarding and sourcing services. We are proud of our experts and agents who are offering efficient solutions for every problem and challenge. The TopShipping committed people, due to the knowledge of the mazes and shortcuts of each route, try to meet your needs. From simple to complex processes, we handle everything.


TopShipping guarantees your business

The first and the most important step to competing the global trade market is to find a reliable and suitable source, specially from China. Because there is a lot of competition due to the high demand. Finding a good Chinese source is very difficult if you are not familiar with the Chinese language and culture. But don’t worry! Topshipping is here for you. Our local agents, who are familiar with everything, will assess your needs and find the best one. Their duty is to do a stress-free sourcing for you. Here you can send us a real-time quote for this one.

By choosing us, you will enter into a healthy and professional cooperation and be sure that everyone work for your comfort. This family ensures the safety of your money and goods.

TopShipping competitive advantages

1. The best service with the lowest price

We care about providing you with the best quality services in most competitive rates. Your reputation in the global market is very important to us. Therefore, we strive to provide the best services for you at the lowest cost. How is this possible? Our consultants, who specialize in import and export laws of different countries, the strengths and weaknesses of various services, can easily offer you the most affordable services. In this industry, having accurate and sufficient information is very effective and efficient.

You can check our rates here.

2. High speed and quality

It’s our duty to provide the fastest and highest quality services. Also be sure that we will never sacrifice quality over speed. How that can be possible? by using TopShipping flexible technology and skilled agents.

3. Skills and experience

It is the experience and skill of our team that everything is presented in the best possible way. Everyone in every position in this family is the best in their specialty. This means that providing freight services is not only our job but also our passion. During these years, we have gained a lot of experience due to cooperation with different companies and performing various types of transportation for customers.

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