Did you know about shipping from China to US? (2021)

Did you know about shipping from China to US? (2021)

December 7, 2021

shipping from China to US  is a important issue in this world and today. Shipping rate determines how much the freight cost from one point to another should be considered for shipping from China to US.

The rate is determined according to the type of goods sent, method of transport, dimensional weight of the shipment and the distance to the destination of delivery and is ready to be sent. Other factors influencing shipping rates include seasonality, current COVID-19 events, and capacity.

How is it Capacity of every transport

shipping from China to US In addition to shipping rates and , the total cost of shipping from China to the United States will actually include a list of costs that, in addition to being long, can be stressful for importers. FCL Ocean Transport FCL, or full container come to up, means that your goods with a capacity of 20 by 40 inches are capable of filling a full container for shipping from China to US.

If you ship your goods in large volumes and capacities, you can save time and money by sending FCL.

Pricing for FCL is done at a fixed rate, and it does not matter if your container is full or not.

LCL Ocean Shipping

shipping from China to US LCL, or less than one container, means that your goods do not fill the entire container and are shipped with other boxes or pallets. LCL shipping takes a few days longer than FCL.

Air freight from shipping from China to US

Air freight is normally faster but get more price than shipping by ocean, so the mode you choose for your cargo depends on the size and weight of your shipment and how fast you need it to get to your destination

Time to ship China to the United States

Your shipping time is affected by location, shipping size and season and change of that.

Shipping times are not always the same. Depending on market conditions, shipping may be delayed.

Delays in China shipping

For shipping from China to the United States, the corona virus has had a severely negative impact.

causing significant delays in production and transportation.

Production and transportation of goods in China has returned to normal these days.

but the impact of Covid-19 in the United States has created a number of challenges. including reduced demand and possible delays in US ports and warehouses.

In addition, restrictions on air travel to both the United States and within the United States have dramatically reduced air transportation capacity, limited space, and volatile prices.


Cheap shipping from China to USA

The most important shipping factor when shipping from China is cost.

Send small packages from China

If you are importing small goods, such as a new product sample, there may be too much shipping.

This will cost you more and you will have to spend more time. You can use the following:

Normal post

Post may be the most cost-effective shipping option for small shipping from China to US of light and small products.

China Post, for example, has several mailing options available: Air Mail / SAL or Surface Mail for small packages. Air packages, SAL or surface post for large packages; And EMS / China International Express and EUB priority systems for packages.


Fast shipping options


Allow three days when shipping from China by international courier.

This includes removing the package from the door of the Chinese supplier, unless the supplier has delivered it in its warehouse.

If it is really urgent, there are more expensive premium services that may even be delivered overnight.

Air transport Srvices


Standard air transportation Srvices between China and the United States usually takes about 8 to 10 days.

Fast airline service is usually reduced to 2 to 3 days from standard airline time.


Ocean shipping from China to the United States


About 30 to 40 days for a door-to-door shipment from China to the United States, ocean shipping takes the longest time.

This is because ships move much more slowly than airplanes. Beyond the extra preparation required, ocean-going ships also move slower to save fuel (and money).

For example, US Customs requires importers to use a one-time entry guarantee and travel by ocean to obtain ISF bonds as well.

In addition, port congestion, customs delays, and bad weather conditions affect ocean transportation more than air transportation.

Ocean Transport offers a superior service. Depending on your transportation needs, fast shipping may actually reduce shipping time. In some cases, it may even compete with air travel times.

Fast shipping from China to US works by simplifying ocean transportation processes and only by connecting to faster ocean services and premium transportation services.

This makes fast shipping a great option for shipping from China.


Procedure about shipping methods from China to the US

Normal post


It may be cost-effective to ship small sample packages by regular mail.

Also, newly started importers may consider this mode for direct shipping from the factory to the customer – essentially stopping shipping.


This process can be set up quickly to avoid the initial cost of storage costs.

But in terms of cost, when sales volume starts to increase, you want to reconsider your strategy.

Fast shipping Srvices from China to USA


The two major US domestic couriers, FedEx and UPS, are also good options for delivering China to the US.

The same goes for other major srvices international couriers such as DHL and TNT.


Like posting, the process is simple: Finding rates online is generally simple and does not require a formal quote.

And like other mode options, most courier companies offer fast airline options.


US Customs applies if the value of the goods is more than $ 800, but customs clearance is much easier than air or ocean shipping.


Shipping from China to the USA


When transporting from China, of course, there is more to learn to become a transport master. Getting the right mode is a good start.

If you are looking for air or ocean shipping, make sure you choose a good forwarder as well as a reasonable price when asking for shipping.

Find a carrier

Using transportation shipping from China to US takes you away from the dangers, taking on the task of organizing and troubleshooting if necessary.

Before agreeing with your supplier, make sure you have enough information about choosing Incoterms.

Importers often sign Incoterms without realizing the risks they face.

Sometimes they cope with it, but the shipment can easily turn into a nightmare, the profit margin and then some.

You should take a few more minutes to make sure all the documents are complete and accurate

It’s worth the effort. And have a shipping cost reference on hand. Do not blindly accept any additional costs and expenses.

Use the right packaging

If you are looking for shipping from China to US, discuss packaging options with your supplier. You may be able to significantly reduce shipping costs.


Get insurance for shipping from China to US


You can do a lot of research, but you really don’t need to. The bottom line is: make sure you get comprehensive freight insurance.

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