Cargo ships – The pearl of the sea freight industry0 (0)

Cargo ships – The pearl of the sea freight industry
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December 7, 2021

Sea freight shipping is the most important and convenient method of international trading. Goods shipped by sea are usually large in size. In this regard, cargo ships have the task of moving these goods. They are a major member of the shipping industry. Because each cargo has its own conditions, they diversify ships. Also they are divided into different types based on purpose, size and type of goods. Here we introduce you to the most important types of cargo ships.

Container ships

They are cargo ships that carry goods in containers. One of the main ways of carrying ready goods worldwide is through container ships. As a result, they are able to carry different types of goods. The advantage of these ships is that they emit much less carbon than air crafts and trucks. Moreover, it often moves in the lighter routes. Due to their good performance, their capacity has increased significantly over the years. They also come in a variety of sizes such as:

  • Panamax: they were first introduced in 1980. They also designed it to be able to cross the Panama Canal.
  • Post-Panamax: It has an official capacity of 6400 TEU.
  • Suezmax: They designed this to be able to cross the Suez Canal. Its dimensions are exactly the size of the canal.
  • Post-Suezmax: It carries capacity of 18000 TEU. Also, their dimensions are too big for the vessel to pass the Suez Canal.

Liner ship

This ship is in the category of container ones. Also, it is capable of carrying large quantities of goods, the size of a warehouse. The result is very efficient.

Bulk carriers

These ships carry cargo in bulk such as the Cereals and the Ore. Also, their cargo is without packaging and container. Usually their cargo is homogeneous. And they are not capable of carrying container cargo. Shipments are loaded at the port by conveyor and spouts. In this regard, loading them is not like containers. Moreover, they have openings through which they are loaded and unloaded many times. This must be done very quickly.

Bulk ships have different types such as:

  • Conventional bulkers: They have cranes and transporters for loading and unloading the goods.
  • Lakers: They sail in the great lakes of America. The bulkers Lakers have a long life because they only travel in fresh water.
  • BIBO

South Korea is the best manufacturer of bulk carriers.

Tanker cargo ships

Liquid goods are placed inside the tankers. The ship, as its name implies, carries liquid cargo such as wine. Tankers are a very vital cog in the entire global marine cargo operation. It has different types:

  • Oil tankers: they carry not only crude oil but also petrol, gasoline, kerosene and paraffin. They also have two types: product tankers and crude tankers.
  • Liquefied Gas carriers: They only carry gases such as LPG and LNG in bulk. They have 5 types: Fully pressurised ships, Semi-pressurised ships, Ethylene ships, Fully refrigerated LPG ships, LNG ships

They also vary in size such as VLCC, Aframax, Panamax and Lighter.

Reefer cargo ships

They are suitable for carrying perishable goods, fruits, food, milk products, fish and some medicines. They have two or more decks. Also, the retainers on these ships are insulated. And keep the temperature at the required degree of the product. In other words, the temperature in them is steady during the trip. They use water coolers for that.

With the help of these types of ships, today we can see any kind of food or fruit anywhere in the world and in different seasons. Moreover, you know that bananas have the highest fruit exports. The presence of these ships has made it easy to export. One of the most famous refrigerator ships is the Baltic Start.

Livestock cargo ships

It is used to move animals. They have areas for feeding them. These ships must store sufficient fodder and food for voyages and emergencies.

With this ship, we can easily export cattle and sheep from countries such as Australia to the United States and elsewhere. Also, Livestock carriers carry more crew members than conventional cargo ships of a similar size.

Multi-Purpose ships

They can carry different types of cargo at the same time such as wood, steel, building materials, rolls of paper and bulk cargo. Also used for various purposes. It is very suitable for jobs that move several types of cargo at the same time.

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