A Comprehensive Guide To Shipping From China To US Time

A Comprehensive Guide To Shipping From China To US Time

For those involved in international trade, transit time and freight costs are two of the most important considerations when exporting goods from China to the United States.

If you’re exporting a product from China or the United States via ship, the transit shipping from China to US time will be determined by the ship’s speed and the route it takes. They usually take between two and a month to finish.

Customs, handling, and other procedures and the shipping from China to US time it takes to traverse the ocean physically can add time to the shipping process from China to the United States. Once a ship arrives in the United States, it may take up to six days to discharge its cargo after a preparation period of 33 days.

Numerous choices are available to traders transporting goods from China to the United States. How fast you need something depends on how much you want it and its costs. The freight forwarder will begin the shipping process after receiving your instructions.

An in-depth look at shipping costs and options for freight forwarding from China to the United States is provided in this article. After reading this tutorial, you’d be well-versed in the logistics of transporting goods from China to the United States.

Where Can I Find The Most Economical Way To Ship From China To The United States?

When shipping from China to the United States, the shipping cost is usually the most significant thing to consider. Find out all the information you need to know about the price by continuing to read.

In The Event Of a Small Package Delivery

For small imports, such as a product sample, it is unwise to use freight shipping as a delivery method. Getting there will be much more expensive and take a long time. The following are the best choices for tiny goods:

Regular Post

Mail is the most cost-effective method for sending small and light goods. For example, China Post offers a variety of delivery methods, including Surface Mail or AirMail/SAL for small items; SAL, Air Parcel, or Surface Mail for large packages; and EUB Priority systems, EMS, or China International Express for larger packages.

You must perform a thorough study on each alternative before making a final decision. The less expensive express shipping is more likely to be when the product is heavier. However, even though mail is inexpensive, it takes a long time in terms of shipping from China to US time.

Express Shipping

An international courier is more efficient and dependable than postal service. The term “express shipping” refers to this method. UPS, TNT, or DHL, it doesn’t matter. This delivery mode is the most cost-effective option for small shipments and products weighing less than 150 kilograms.

Although other couriers may charge you enormous fees if you are not enrolled with them.

Costs of Freight Transport

Air Freight from China

Standard air freight is the most cost-effective shipping method, with a kilo costing about $3. Between 150 kilograms and 500 kg, this is the best option. Rather than the actual weight, Dimensional weight may be used for very light shipments.

Express air freight is more expensive, but it is the fastest way of transportation. Make sure you compare freight rates amongst the various forwarders, as pricing can fluctuate often.

Don’t forget to look at Less than container load (LCL) and ocean freight if you’re shipping items in multiples or larger quantities.

Transporting goods by sea from China

Ocean freight is the cheapest shipping method if your item weighs more than 500 kg. Shipping goods by sea allows for significant cost savings. As it’s commonly known, Expedited freight is a premium service offered by a few shippers that charge a premium above standard ocean freight.

All freight forwarders don’t charge the same prices for ocean freight, just like they do for air freight, so browse around.

Why Shipping by Air Is Less Expensive Than Shipping by Ocean?

Both air and ocean freight have their own unique set of variable and base charges. The one with the lower base cost is better for little shipments, while the lower variable cost is better for large packages, even if their basic cost is high.

Shipping Lead Times

In some cases, the loss of revenue is more crucial than the freight cost when shipping from China. The standard lead shipping from China to US time for normal mail is 1-2 weeks, whereas the standard lead shipping from China to US time for express freight is three days. In addition, air freight often takes 8-10 days, whereas ocean freight typically takes 30-40 days.

Regular Post

Shipping from China to US can be very long via regular mail. Airmail and express mail services, both provided by China Post, are speedier and less expensive options, with delivery shipping from China to US times ranging from one to two weeks.

US customs will deprioritize the release of the package if the paperwork does not seem right. So, if you want your regular mail to arrive in a week or less, check to see if the supplier has the paperwork correct.

Express Shipping

International courier deliveries from China to the United States take three days. That includes picking up the cargo from the Chinese source unless the provider has dropped it off at the courier’s depot. A parcel can be delivered overnight to the United States for a higher price.

Air Freight shipping from China to US time

The typical transit time for air freight between these two countries is 8–10 days. Not because planes are slow, but because air freight procedures are more involved than express freight procedures. Standard air freight shipping takes around three days longer than with express service.

Ocean Freight Shipping from China to US time

In terms of transit shipping from China to US time, ocean freight takes the longest route from China to the United States, taking anywhere from thirty to forty days. That’s because planes travel far more quickly than ships. In addition to the necessary extra preparation, ocean liners are also moving more slowly in order to preserve fuel.

As mandated by US customs, importers who utilize a single-entry bond and ship via ocean freight must also use an ISF bond. Additionally, poor weather and port congestion have a greater impact on ocean freight than air freight.

It has become so reliable and less prone to delays that electronic companies have begun to ship by ocean.

Transportation-Specific Factors That Have a Significant Impact on Shipping Time and Cost

The timing and logistics can be drastically altered if things such as festivals in China or the United States are considered.

Because of the extensive vacations associated with Chinese holidays like the Chinese New Year, the National Holiday/Oct. 1st, and Labor Day, cargo shipments are frequently completely booked in the days leading up to these celebrations. As a result of the increased cost of shipping as a result of the high demand.

It’s best to get all your cargo shipped out ahead of shipping from China to US time for the Chinese New Year’s celebrations. Avoid getting a migraine from worrying about the shipment’s delay by following these simple steps.

Your package’s journey from China to the United States of America may be affected by the country you’re shipping to and from.


How Long Sea Freight Shipping Takes? China to USA

  • Hong Kong to Los Angeles, America— 21 days
  • Xiamen to Houston, America will take 38 days
  • Qingdao to Miami, America takes 34 days
  • Hong Kong to New York, America takes 33 days
  • Xiamen to Oakland, America, takes 21 days
  • Xiamen to Seattle, America will take 18 days
  • Xiamen to Houston, America takes 38 days

Courier average shipping from China to US time

The standard transit shipping from China to US time for airmail couriers is two or three days of air transportation from China to the United States are shaved off by couriers. It is preferable to employ these courier services for small, urgently-delivered parcels.

The following is a breakdown of the typical transit times of couriers traveling from China to the United States.

  • EMS takes 15.7 days
  • DHL will take 3.5days
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping will take 20.6 days
  • FedEx takes up to 4.6 days
  • DHL ECommercetakes up to 19.7 days
  • UPS takes five days
  • Mail Americas takes 13.4 days

Between two and five working days, couriers’ premium services can ship from China to the United States in the quickest possible shipping from China to US time frame. It could take up to five days or perhaps more for their lower-priced services.

The Bottom Line

A firm that involves shipping or ordering from the United States must know these facts before launching into it.

After reading this article, you have all the information you require on shipping from China to US time, costs, and the best option for your needs. Now you are ready. Consider the cost of several services before making a decision.

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