Sea freight rates from China to Australia

Sea freight rates from China to Australia

October 16, 2021

Do you want to import from China to Australia for the first time or are you looking for a new strategy to grow your business? Managing your freight costs is the best way to stay strong in trade world. So stay here. We provide you with interesting information about sea freight rates from China to Australia.

Is LCL more cost-effective or FCL?

How does packaging affect freight costs?

What times does the peak season include?

Does insurance have an effect on reducing freight costs?

What are the Chinese and Australian main ports?

What are the sea freight delivery services from china to Australia?

Sea freight from China to Australia

Australia is China’s tenth largest customer. Meanwhile, shipping by sea is the cheapest method. But as you know it takes a lot of time. If you are dealing with a lot of shipping, you know that you will face a lot of delays in sea freight. As a result, being aware of sea freight costs and factors can make you smarter in the face of these delays.

The maritime industry offers different options for importers based on their money, time and the type of goods. Since this method is long and your product is on the water for a month or more, you have to pay attention to detail. Also, in order to be able to manage rates, you need to have an understanding of the factors that affect it.

Sea freight LCL and FCL from China to Australia

Based on the goods volume you can choose LCL or FCL freight container. They also play an important role in your sea freight rates from China to Australia.


In this way, your good is placed in the same container with the rest of the products. It is popular among small businesses with small and compact cargoes. If you do not need emergency delivery of goods, it is very affordable. It is also a good option if you do not have access to equipment and specialists for loading and unloading. In contrast, the LCL delivery speed is slower than the FCL. Because there are several goods with several different destinations in one container. And that it will not be placed on board until the container capacity is full. If your product is delicate and sensitive, it is more vulnerable to damage.

Its rate is calculated on the basis of each unit in kilograms. That is why it becomes expensive for large and bulky goods. For example, from Shanghai port to Sydney port costs $ 705. The LCL rate from Shanghai to Brisbane port is $ 775. (for a load of 200 kg/1 cbm)


In FCL, you rent or buy a complete container. It does not matter how big your product is, it is not going to contain any other product. So if your product is bulky and large, it is a cost-effective option. Also with FCL, the possibility of damage to the goods is very low. It also has different sizes such as 20′ and 40′. 20′ containers are used to carry more weight such as minerals, metals and machinery. 40′ container is used for heavier loads such as cotton and furniture. To estimate the price of these containers, know that you will pay a fixed fee for renting it. For example, the FCL 40′ rate from Shanghai port to Sydney port is $ 1,478 and from Shanghai to Melbourne is $ 1,478.


Your packaging should be ten layers. 5 layers of suitable insulation of goods with newspapers or peanuts and 5 layers for outer packaging. Be careful to choose light packaging materials that do not have much effect on the volume of the product. As much as possible, wrap the product in materials that you can reuse. Do not throw away boxes and cartoons. This strategy is very effective in reducing sea freight rates.

Type of goods

It all depends on the type of product you have. Some goods require more equipment and care to be shipped from China to Australia. In this case, you have to pay more.

Sea freight rates – Peak season

The worst strategy is to do your sea freight from china to Australia at the peak season. At these times, as the name implies, prices are at their highest. So to have an cos effective sea freight shipping, be sure to check the calendar of the country of origin. Here are some peak season at China and Australia:

  • Chinese New Year
  • Dragon Boat Festival
  • Christmas

The worst mistake you can make is to postpone your sea freight from China to Australia until the last minute.

Insure your goods for sea freight from China to Australia

Insurance acts as a protector for your freight costs. There are many unexpected events and damages in your sea freight from China to Australia. So insure your sea freight to avoid financial losses and hidden freight costs. It is usually about 0.3% – 0.5% of your invoice. It also covers natural disasters, piracy, customs rejection and etc. As soon as you try to choose the insurance that has the most coverage, it reduces freight costs. Because it prevents further losses.

Main ports

You may think that all Chinese and Australian ports are suitable for your goods. But it is not. It is important to choose the port that best suits your needs. Because not all ports have the equipment to load and unload any kind of goods. Therefore, the charging and logistics fees of the port are different from other ports. Take another look at the LCL and FCL rates at the various ports.

Main Chinese ports are Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen. The main Australian international ports also are Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


One of the best features of the sea freight from China to Australia is its flexible delivery. It offers door-to-door, port-to-port, port-to-door and door-to-port services. Of course, they have different rates and door-to-door service is the most expensive. To reduce freight costs, it is better to play the role of delivery truck yourself. Go to the port and pick up the goods.

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