Sea freight from China to USA

Sea freight from China to USA

September 17, 2021

Are you about to import products between the United States and China? Our article will focus on international logistics between China and the United States. If you are an accomplished exporter/importer or a novice in the domain, if you’re planning a one-shot import/export in/to the United States, or regular business, our team will be dedicated to giving you the best! Topshiping is a great opportunity for many people to make fortune if you select one kind of product in China and want to sell it on Topshiping. We are constantly updating this guide. As a top-rated China freight agent, we’d like to share our knowledge and experiences in this article. Read this article about sea freight from China to USA.


sea freight from China to USA: Trade Terms

When you compare prices from several suppliers, make sure they are based on the same term. A-seller quoted EXW $5/unit while B-seller quoted FOB $5.5/unit; it doesn’t mean the price from B-seller is not more competitive than a seller. EXW and FOB mean you – the buyer can use your own freight agent and pay for their services directly. Advice the seller to add into the papers to avoid any further confusion even dispute.

sea freight from China to USA

Moving Overseas to/from China

Our door-to-door service doesn’t include loading or unloading your shipment at the origin or destination. The greatest practical option is to send it door-to-door since you skip the intermediaries and it makes international tracking for the move easier. You can send your shipment door-to-door or door-to-port between the United States or Spain and China.


sea freight from China to USA: Taking Possession of Your Items

Cargo compaies can be located by consulting your local yellow pages or favorite online phone book. Arrange for pick-up and transport. Contact a commercial cargo company to arrange to have your shipment picked up at the port of entry and shipped to your warehouse or local resellers. The value of the shipments includes the price paid, commissions incurred from the purchase, royalty fees, license fees, packing costs, and the value of assists.sea freight from China to USA

sea freight from China to USA: Packaging

Outer cartons: 5 layers, Freight remark: Yes (Printed on outer carton), plastic wrapping: Yes (on outer carton), Inner cartons: 5 layers.  Do not leave anything to their interpretation, and provide graphical examples whenever possible. For the U.S you’d better provide the shipper with explicit and clear export packaging specifications.

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