How to Import Toys from China?

How to Import Toys from China?

July 15, 2022

The market for toys has grown tremendously, especially since 2020. People staying indoors during quarantine increased the necessity for toys for various purposes. China is the leading supplier of toys worldwide. It has many manufacturing companies and several suppliers. Importing toys from China is cost-effective, and you will also access a variety of toys.

How to Import Toys from China

How to Import Toys from China

How to Import Toys from China

The first step in importing toys from China is to decide the kind of toys you want to import. You should, then, choose a supplier and the freight forwarding company you will use. Getting a freight forwarder will make the shipping process expedited. With the freight forwarder, you will decide on the most suitable shipping method, the incoterms, shipping cost, and other aspects relating to shipping. Once you order the goods, the freight forwarding company will arrange the transit and ensure that the goods are shipped to the final destination.

Can I Import Toys from China?

Why not? China has all kinds of toys, and you will definitely get the one you want to purchase. Generally, China leads in the supply of goods, and guess what? 50% of the toys supplied around the world are from China.

List of Toys Imported from China

You can literally find any kind of toy in China. Some of these toys include:

  1. Action Toys: Front loading, statue figure, mascot, a battery-powered fan, cottonwoods, airsoft guns, accessory, gun package.
  2. Animal Toys: Christmas toys gifts, baby animal toys, baby toys plush, baby animal plush, handmade dolls, vinyl baby, beautiful dolls, painting dolls.
  3. Educational Toys: construction toys, baby toys, plastic playing, custom plastic cards, scale card models, model car scales, instrument toys, and wooden musicals.
  4. Outdoor Toys: Inflated park, inflated castles, Folding scooter, Kids’ scooter electric, aluminum molds, entertainment products, sports toy, slide ladder.
  5. Toy Vehicle: Baby bicycle, wheel tire cover, kids’ bicycle wheels, main rotor, battery charging controller, car toy model, electric car, batteries operated.

Where to Find Chinese Toy Wholesale Suppliers

Where to Find Chinese Toy Wholesale Suppliers

Where to Find Chinese Toy Wholesale Suppliers

1. Chinese wholesale websites

You can simply find suppliers online on B2B platforms or sourcing agents. The popular B2-B platforms include Alibaba, Made In China, DHGate, and AliExpress. If you decide to use a sourcing company, you hire the company to find you a supplier, bargain the prices on your behalf, follow up the production process, check if the goods are of good quality, perform customs clearance, and ship the goods.

2. Chinese Toys Wholesale Markets

Wholesale markets in China include:

  1. Yiwu International Trading Market: This is one of the biggest markets in China, with several toy factories, and more than 1000 toy suppliers.
  2. Onelink International Plaza: This is a large market that is mainly popular for selling toys, jewelry, and home decorations.
  3. Guangzhou Yide International Toy Market: This market mainly specializes in selling toys, with all kinds of toys available.
  4. Sungang Stationery Toy Gift Wholesale Market: This market is located in Shenzhen, and it deals with stationery, toys, and gifts.
  5. Sheyang Wuyi Market.

3. China Trade Fair

Attending China trade fairs will give you a chance to meet many suppliers. The leading trade fairs include the Canton Fair, the Bauma Fair, Beijing Auto Show, the Yiwu trade fair, and the Shanghai Import and export commodity fair.

4. Chinese Toy Cluster

They include:

  1. Chenghai in Guangdong Province
  2. Yiwu in Zhejiang Province
  3. Yangzhou and Qingdao

Documents required when shipping toys from China

Documents required when shipping toys from China

No shipping process can be accomplished without certain documents. The following documents are required when shipping from China.

  1. Commercial Invoice: This document proves that the transaction between the buyer and seller has been completed.
  2. Bill of Lading (BOL): The BOL contains the details of the consignor and consignee, the number of goods, the weight of the shipment, the shipment date, and the value of the goods.
  3. Packing List: This document gives information on what exactly is being shipped. It contains the type of goods you are shipping, the number of items within the package, the volume of each package, the description of each package, the origin address, the destination address, etc.
  4. Proforma Invoice: This is an estimated invoice used to request the buyer to pay for the goods before delivery is made.
  5. Certificate of Origin: This document indicates the exact place that the goods are being shipped from.
  6. Import/Export Declaration: This document provides information on the goods that are being imported or exported.
  7. Quality Inspection Certificate: This document is presented to the customs to show that the goods are in good condition.
  8. Air Waybill: If you are shipping the toys via air, you will be required to present an air waybill to provide detailed information about the shipment.

How to Import Toys from China to the USA?

Shipping toys from China to the USA is quite an easy process. This is if you understand the procedure and what is required of you. The United States is a major importer of toys from China. The US ranks among the top 7 countries that spend the most on toys.

To ship toys from China to the US, you will be required to have the following documents:

  • Commercial invoice to show that payment has been settled.
  • A picking list to show the contents and details of your package.
  • A bill of lading

Also, the products have to pass the ASTM F963 and CPSI (Cost Products Improvement Act).

How to Import Toys from China to India?

To ship goods from China to India, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Choose the type of toy you want to import
  • Step 2: Choose a trusted supplier
  • Step 3: Order the goods and pick them up from the supplier
  • Step 4: Arrange container loading
  • Step 5: Perform customs clearance
  • Step 6: Find a carrier and ship your goods
  • Step 7: When the goods arrive at the delivery port, perform customs clearance and transport the goods to your warehouse.

You may also consider getting a freight forwarder to handle activities on your behalf. The freight forwarder will do the following:

  • Arranging the pick-up of goods from the supplier
  • Performing customs declaration and documentation
  • Packaging and warehousing cargo
  • Negotiating prices
  • Providing insurance for the goods
  • Advise the shipper on the best shipping method to use

How to Ship Toys from China to the UK?

To ship from China to the UK or any part of Europe, your goods should pass the EN 71-1,2,3 test. The goods should also have a CE mark.

Is it Safe to Buy Toys from China?

Yes. Purchasing goods from China is safe.

This, however, is not fully guaranteed since some suppliers can sell fake items. So, how do you avoid buying fake toys? You will know that a toy is high quality and not fake if it has the following features.

  1. The toy has an ASTM international label – This shows that the safety standards have been met.
  2. The toy has a 100 percent PVC-free label – This label shows that the toy does not contain phthalates. Phthalates are harmful.
  3. Consider buying wood or bamboo toys over plastic ones. Plastics are filled with chemicals.
  4. Avoid toys made of hemp materials. These materials contain chemicals.

What is the Cheapest Method for Shipping Toys from China?

Air freight, air express, and ocean/sea freight are the three shipping methods you can use to ship toys from China.

Air express is a courier service that offers fast delivery of goods at very high rates. It is the fastest and most expensive shipping method. Air freight is slightly cheaper than air express. It is also slightly slower than air express. Sea freight is the cheapest method to ship toys from China. However, the delivery speed is so slow. With sea freight, you can use FCL (Full Container Load), where you get an entire container for yourself, or LCL (Less Container Load), where you share container space with other shippers. Your choice will be determined by the size and weight of your shipment.

Problems Encountered on Toy Compliance and Safety

1. Design infringement

Due to the popularity of certain toy brands, some manufacturers can copy the design of those toys and supply them as their own. If you purchase the goods from them, you can be accused of design infringement leading to losses in your business.

2. Toys safety and regulations certificates

Before shipping toys from China, you should perform some tests to ascertain their quality. When shipping toys from China to the USA, you conduct two tests:

  • ASTM F963: This involves a flammability test, chemical test, and mechanical/physical test.
  • CPSI (Consumer Products Safety Improvement Act): This involves lead and phthalates tests, and also labeling tests.

To ship toys from China to Europe, the following tests have to be performed:

  • Toy Safety Directive (EN 71 – 1,2,3): This will cover the general risks (health and safety of the toy users) and also particular risks (physical, mechanical, hygiene, flammability, chemical, electrical, and radioactivity risks).

The toys also need to have a CE mark. This mark indicates that the items sold to the European Economic Area (EEA) meet all the health, safety, and environmental protection requirements.

Performing tests is quite costly, especially if you are shipping a few items. To save on cost, you can request the supplier to give you the previous tests performed on their products. This will help you know if indeed their products are worth purchasing.

3. Inspections required by China customs

Before shipping goods from China, China customs have to check and inspect the goods. Presentation of certain documents has to be done. You will also be required to fill a declaration form and provide proof that product quality and safety compliance tests have been performed.

4. Shipping toys from China

This is the most crucial part of the entire shipping process. Once you have identified a supplier, you have to choose a freight forwarding company to work with. Next, connect the freight forwarder to the supplier. As a shipper, you should find the shipping method for your goods, the incoterms you will use, and prepare documents. The freight forwarder will help you with this. You have to be careful and make the right decisions. Any wrong choice can cost you.

Incoterms to Use When Shipping Toys from China

The common incoterms used when shipping toys from China include:

  • FCA (Free Carrier): The seller prepares and transports goods from the warehouse to the port of origin. The seller is also responsible for containing the export license. The buyer is responsible for loading the goods into the shipping vessel once they are delivered by the seller.
  • CPT (Carriage to Paid): The seller is responsible for packaging the goods, transporting them to the Port of Loading, and loading goods onto the shipping vessel. The seller assumes all the risks and covers all the costs until the goods are delivered to the destination port. Once the goods reach the destination port, the buyer assumes all the responsibilities.
  • DAT (Delivered at Terminal): The seller and the buyer determine a terminal where the goods will be delivered. The terminal can be a container yard, port, quay, etc. The responsibility for the goods shifts from the seller to the buyer at this terminal.
  • FOB (Freight on Board): The seller loads goods onto the ship. From there, the buyer takes over responsibility.
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight): The seller covers the shipping and insurance cost and ships the goods to the final destination. The buyer is responsible for performing customs clearance, paying import duty, and transporting goods from the delivery port to the final destination.

Quality Cheap Toys to Import from China

You can easily purchase cheap, high-quality toys on Alibaba, Made In China, and DHL. These are B2-B marketplaces where you can simply check the toys they sell and their rates.

Trendy and Interesting Toys to Ship from China

  • Solar-powered fluttering butterfly
  • Paper cartoon animal drawing toy
  • Led drawing board
  • Intelligent gesture control flying quad copter
  • Assembled wooden house toy
  • Flying spinner toys
  •  Electronic plastic educational robot toy
  • 3D magnetic building blocks
  • Cute reversible octopus plush toy
  • Cheese spoof game toy

Import Toys from China FAQ’s

What is the article about?

The article discusses the market for toys, especially since 2020 and how China is the leading supplier of toys worldwide. It provides tips on how to import toys from China, where to find Chinese toy wholesale suppliers, documents required when shipping toys from China, and how to ship toys from China to different parts of the world. The article also highlights some problems encountered in toy compliance and safety and provides insights into cheap, quality toys to import from China and trendy and interesting toys to ship from China.

Why has the market for toys grown tremendously, especially since 2020?

The market for toys has grown tremendously since 2020 because people staying indoors during quarantine increased the necessity for toys for various purposes.

What is the leading supplier of toys worldwide?

China is the leading supplier of toys worldwide.

What are some of the documents required when shipping toys from China?

Some of the documents required when shipping toys from China include Commercial Invoice, Bill of Lading (BOL), Packing List, Proforma Invoice, Certificate of Origin, Import/Export Declaration, Quality Inspection Certificate, and Air Waybill.

What are some of the problems encountered in toy compliance and safety?

Some of the problems encountered in toy compliance and safety include design infringement, toys safety and regulations certificates, inspections required by China customs, and shipping toys from China.

What are some of the incoterms used when shipping toys from China?

Some of the common incoterms used when shipping toys from China include FCA (Free Carrier), CPT (Carriage to Paid), DAT (Delivered at Terminal), FOB (Freight on Board), and CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight).

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