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Tanker Market Weak Throughout November
Tanker Market Weak Throughout November The tanker market stayed weak during the month of November, OPEC said in its latest monthly report. Dirty tanker rates...
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December 19th, 2020
THE TOP FIVE BUSIEST PORTS IN THE U.S. The More Than Shipping published the names of the five busiest US ports in 202. 90% of...
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December 17th, 2020
China Product Sourcing And Supply
China product sourcing and supply The world we live in is constantly changing. We need to keep up with those changes to stay ahead of...
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December 16th, 2020
Rates For Shipping Containers Continue To Skyrocket In Asia
Rates for shipping containers continue to skyrocket in Asia A continued shortage of shipping containers in Asia is putting upward pressure on sea freight costs....
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December 14th, 2020
“Longstanding Downside Risks” To Trade Outlook
"Longstanding downside risks" to trade outlook The Hellenic Shipping News has published news about longstanding downside risks to the trade. The OECD has attempted to...
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December 12th, 2020
Why Sourcing Goods From China?
Why sourcing goods from China? China is the leading producer of consumer products in the world. Through cheap labor and mass production of the goods,...
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December 11th, 2020
CMA CGM Puts The Brake On Asia-Europe Bookings Until Dec End
CMA CGM Puts The Brake On Asia-Europe Bookings Until Dec End FRENCH shipping giant CMA CGM has stopped taking bookings from Asia to North Europe...
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December 9th, 2020
Container Shipping Equities: What Is The Current State Of Affairs?
Container shipping equities: what is the current state of affairs? In early November, stock markets around the world rallied after Biden's apparent victory and the...
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December 7th, 2020
Shipping: Mixed Blessing Of Early Vaccine
Shipping: Mixed blessing of early vaccine An industry analyst believes the COVID-19 vaccine will be a mixed blessing for the shipping industry. They expect demand...
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December 6th, 2020
Is The Industry Ready To Transport Covid-19 Vaccines?
Is the industry ready to transport Covid-19 vaccines? The Air Cargo News has reported that the airline industry is ready to distribute the vaccine. The...
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December 4th, 2020
Global Air Cargo Market Set To Soften After Strong December Start
Global air cargo market set to soften after strong December start The Load Star website reports the news following data released in November. It shows...
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December 3rd, 2020
Tips For Choosing The Best Shipping Companies
Tips for choosing the best shipping companies Shipping has a very long history in the international business industry. But it was not as it is...
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December 3rd, 2020
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