Wilson Sons invests in new port equipment at Brazilian terminal

Wilson Sons invests in new port equipment at Brazilian terminal.png

Wilson Sons-operated terminal Tecon Salvador has decided to invest around US$5 million in 12 electric yard tractors, two reach stackers, and a side loader.

Terminal tractors transport cargo between vessels and container storage areas and aim to increase the operating capacity of the port of Salvador in Brazil.

According to Wilson Sons, by adopting technologies that rely less on the consumption of fossil fuels and produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, the company shows to be in line with relevant topics, such as the principles of ESG and the United Nations Global Compact.

Additionally, as commented by Demir Lourenço, the executive director of Tecon Salvador, the introduction of these 12 electric tractors allows for a reduction in diesel consumption by approximately 150,000 liters per year, equivalent to up to 341 tonnes of CO2 in the atmosphere.

Moreover, electric motors require less maintenance and produce fewer residues than their fuel-burning counterparts.

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