Volvo’s electric truck range to roll in SA

Volvo’s electric truck range to roll in SA

June 16, 2023

Volvo Trucks South Africa introduced its electric truck range to the market this month when its first electric FM 4X2 Tractor was presented to one of its most valued customers whose fleet consists of 175 Volvo vehicles

Interestingly, the client, KDG Logistics, is to use the truck in its movement of new passenger vehicles between manufacturing and storage facilities and the Port of Durban.

Volvo is offering its most popular extra heavy trucks in its electric line-up: the Volvo FH, the Volvo FM, and the Volvo FMX. They will be available in truck tractor or rigid configurations, from 4×2 to 8×4, with zero exhaust emission.

In total, the Swedish truck manufacturer has sold almost 5 000 electric trucks since 2019 in about 40 countries.

The managing director of Volvo Trucks South Africa, Waldemar Christensen, said environment protection was the world’s biggest challenge. The Volvo Group had, he said, become “a leading force in the shift towards the electrification of the transportation, mobility, and equipment sectors, making a real impact on our customers’ efforts to reduce their carbon footprint”.

Volvo’s ambition is to reach 100% safe, 100% fossil-free and 100% more productive solutions. This includes reducing CO² emissions by 50% by 2030 and being completely fossil free by 2050.

Depending on the model, two or three electric motors combined with an I-Shift gearbox adapted for electro-mobility provide power of up to 490 kW/665 hp.  Different drive modes are available to set the desired performance, comfort and energy usage levels. When fitted with six battery packs, depending on the application, it has 378kWh of energy, ensuring sufficient range for most regional haul assignments.

The electric driveline enables manoeuvring in tight and challenging spots and provides the flexibility of diesel equivalents – with the added advantage of being noiseless for perfect night-time operations.

Volvo’s electric trucks also meet the same high crash safety standards as the company’s other trucks and offer the same safety systems as the diesel models.

“So, no adaptations were necessary before introducing the vehicles in SA. They have been homologated and continuously tested in real-life operations and we are happy to say that so far, all is going well,” said Eric Parry, Volvo Trucks sustainable solutions manager.

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