Valenciaport establishes hydrogen pathway for European ports

Valenciaport establishes hydrogen pathway for European ports.jpg

Valenciaport attended the Clean Hydrogen Alliance CEO conference in Brussels, where it highlighted the hydrogen projects that are now ongoing and will pave the path for the rest of European ports to emulate similar efforts.

The conference was attended by Joan Calabuig, president of the Port Authority of Valencia, and Josep Sanz, director of Energy Transition and Sustainability at the Valenciaport Foundation.

The goal of this event, which brought together the most innovative port institutions in the use of this fuel in Belgium, is to select a portfolio of feasible ideas that will be prioritised in future hydrogen implementation.

In this regard, one of the pillars on which Valenciaport builds its environmental policy is the use of green hydrogen, which the European Union has identified as a preferable energy in the construction of important projects to expedite industrial decarbonisation.

During the conference, Valenciaport presented the success of two of the three projects that comprise the H2Ports initiative, as well as the operation of the third (a hydrogen-powered reach stacker truck that will begin operation this July).

In the first example, Valenciaport is the world’s first port to test the use of hydrogen in real operations in a tractor unit outfitted with a set of fuel cells used in ro-ro terminal loading/unloading operations. In the second example, a transportable hydrogen station has been installed.

The intention to construct two hydrogen valleys – one in Valencia for mobility uses and one in Sagunto for industrial uses – was also addressed at this conference. “They are an example of how the promotion of synergies can make projects with this green fuel affordable,” stated Josep Sanz.

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