Tyre analysis essential for maximising fleets – expert

Tyre analysis essential for maximising fleets – expert

September 3, 2023

Effective fleet management is crucial for commercial vehicle fleets, especially when it comes to tyres.

Tyres are vital and costly components that require proper care and management to prevent premature wear, costly downtime, and safety hazards.

Louis Marais, general manager for commercial sales at Sumitomo Rubber South Africa, says this goes beyond superficially inspecting worn-out tyres.

He advocates conducting thorough scrap tyre analysis and comprehensive fleet surveys to identify underlying reasons for tyre failures, optimise tyre performance, and ensure fleet safety and profitability.

“This expertise can have a transformative impact on the business growth of commercial fleets, empowering owners and operators to take proactive steps to minimise tyre cost per kilometre (CPK) and improve safety,” he says.

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