Transnet implements ‘milestone’ procurement project

Transnet implements ‘milestone’ procurement project

August 14, 2023

South Africa’s logistics utility has issued a request for proposals (RfP) for a contractor to provide an automated end-to-end procurement system that will improve efficiency and reduce risks of corruption.

This comes as the state-owned entity (SOE) moves to optimise its procurement of goods and services and to improve the speed and agility of its procurement decisions.

Transnet said in a statement on Friday that its plan to implement the procurement automation project was in line with its vision to transform into a “digital enterprise”.

“The project is a significant milestone in Transnet’s transformation into an agile, data-driven, and customer-centric organisation.

“Transnet is implementing the procurement automation project, which aims to eliminate the inefficiencies that have plagued traditional procurement processes, resulting in long lead times, delays and increased governance risks,” Transnet said.

“By minimising human interaction, repetitive work, and paper-based processes, automation will address some of the challenges facing Transnet’s supply chain and procurement system.”

The project will also enhance the SOE’s ability to leverage its massive procurement spend to support local economic development.

Transnet currently manages most procurement processes manually, with partial system enablement.

“These processes, which are not integrated to deliver the intended business value, are time-consuming and lack the requisite controls necessary for the complex and varied procurement events undertaken,” Transnet said.

“The project will improve accuracy and minimise errors in procurement activities; enhance transparency and visibility throughout the procurement process; ensure standardisation across all operating divisions and business units; enhance compliance; and enable better decision-making through real-time data and analytics.”

A RfP has been issued and closes on August 30. It is available on:


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