Tow-away regulations in Rotterdam for incorrectly moored barges

Tow-away regulations in Rotterdam for incorrectly moored barges

August 2, 2023

In Rotterdam, new tow-away regulations have been implemented for improperly moored and anchored barges. The Port of Rotterdam Authority has amended its General Terms and Conditions to address this issue. There are substantial penalties for those who violate these regulations.

For years, various parties have faced difficulties due to barges being incorrectly moored and anchored. The nominal fine (approximately €150) for an official report is significantly lower than the expenses incurred in shifting the barge, according to the Dutch port.

Port of Rotterdam Authority explains, “These incorrectly moored and anchored barges frequently obstruct the path of sea-going vessels preventing them from reaching their designated berths. This results in avoidable waiting costs for both the sea-going vessels and nautical service providers. Moreover, it poses an additional safety hazard for vessels dependent on the tides, unable to depart due to the obstructing barges. The ensuing waiting times and congestion also cause delays in scheduling, impacting many other sea-going vessels as well.”

Now, with the updated General Terms and Conditions, the Port of Rotterdam Authority possesses the authority to remove a vessel at any time. The barge operator is responsible for covering all costs and damages incurred or suffered by the Port of Rotterdam Authority related to the removal, along with a 15% surcharge based on the expenses, with a minimum of €5,000.

Currently, there are a total of 316 barge berths in the port of Rotterdam.

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