Streamlining preclearance for DRC is essential

Streamlining preclearance for DRC is essential

August 19, 2023

Transporters operating between Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) continue to face significant challenges due to border delays and poor road conditions, causing disruptions in trade and commerce between the two countries.

To address these issues, a collaborative effort between the DRC government, the Office of Multimodal Freight Management (Ogefrem), and a partnership of stakeholders has introduced the FERI (Fiche Electronique des Renseignements) certificate mandate.

This initiative aims to streamline the preclearance process for DRC cargo and alleviate congestion at the border points.

The persistent issues related to border delays and road conditions have long been a cause for concern among transporters and businesses in both Zambia and the DRC.

Delays at the border crossings have led to considerable economic losses and logistical challenges for industries relying on efficient cross-border trade.

The situation has prompted a concerted response from stakeholders seeking to improve conditions for transporters and bolster trade ties between the two countries.

The FERI certificate mandate is set to expedite the preclearance process for DRC-bound cargo.

By streamlining administrative procedures, the aim is to reduce the time spent at the border, thus enhancing the overall trade experience for transporters.

This initiative is expected to contribute significantly to reducing congestion and boosting the efficiency of cross-border logistics.

Africa Union Cargo Namibia (AUCN), an Ogefrem-appointed agent, is mandated to assist with the issuance of the FERI certification which is required for all cargo bound for the DRC.

“Zambia is an important transport link to the DRC for cargo via Namibia and Zambia,” said Dornay Swartz, who heads up the FERI project for the company.

“Our partnership with Ogefrem is vital to assist Zambian freight forwarders, transporters and exporters with the FERI certificates before reaching the DRC entry borders.”

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