Shandong Port Group unveils expansion plans

Shandong Port Group unveils expansion plans

August 21, 2023

Shandong province, an economic power in East China, aims to accelerate efforts to build a world-class port cluster within the province.

“Currently, a coastal port cluster has formed in Shandong, with Qingdao Port as the leader and Rizhao Port and Yantai Port as the backbone. Weihai Port, Dongying Port, Weifang Port, Binzhou Port, and other ports are developing in a coordinated manner,” explains Fan Bo, vice-governor of Shandong, at a news brief held in the province’s coastal city Qingdao, where the Shandong Port Group is headquartered.

“Such development pattern laid solid foundation to build a world-class port cluster,” Fan added.

In 2019, Shandong province established the massive Shandong Port Group, integrating the major ports in the province, including Qingdao Port, Yantai Port and Rizhao Port.

In 2022, Shandong Port Group registered its cargo handling capacity as more than 1.6 billion metric tons, while its container handling capacity exceeded 37 million TEUs.

At the end of July, Shandong provincial government issued a three-year action plan to build a world-class port cluster.

According to the plan, the cargo handling capacity of the Shandong Port Group is expected to reach 2 billion tons and its container handling capacity will exceed 40 million TEUs.

“The transformation into a world-class port cluster will not only optimise the operational dynamics and spatial layout of all ports across the province, but will also amplify their service capacity and global connectivity,” pointed out the vice-governor.

Additionally, the total added economic value produced and triggered by the Shandong port cluster is expected to reach 1.3 trillion yuan (US$177 billion) by 2025, according to Huo Gaoyuan, chairman of the Shandong Port Group.

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