SeaLead opens new office in India

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SeaLead has announced the establishment of a new office in Mumbai, India, aiming to expand its operations in South Asia.

SeaLead said the Mumbai office is expected to be a significant centre in the company’s operations, providing a variety of solutions to address the rising demands of local consumers.

The new office, led by Shiva Mahadevan, managing director for South Asia and the Middle East at SeaLead, will encompass a variety of activities to support future development.

“The Mumbai office marks a crucial progression for SeaLead’s South Asia expansion. Our focus remains on delivering excellent shipping solutions, driving efficiency and value for our customers. This office allows us to further enhance our service delivery to meet the market’s requirements,” stated Henry Schmidl, managing director of SeaLead.

The new office in India is expected to enhance SeaLead’s existing services and provide new prospects for regional shippers. Currently, SeaLead conducts two primary services from the Western India region; WARM, which connects India’s important ports with Egypt, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and IDEA, which provides fast shipping options from key ports in India and the UAE to East Africa.

“The Mumbai office demonstrates our commitment to delivering top-quality services to our South Asian customers. It will allow us to further expand and optimise our services to meet the changing demands of the industry,” stated Shiva Mahadevan.

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