Salvage operation of Pangaon Express yet to begin

Salvage operation of Pangaon Express yet to begin.png

The charterer of the container vessel Pangaon Express could not start salvage operation of the ship, which sunk on 6 July after leaving Chittagong port towards Dhaka, due to rough sea and long swell waves.

Captain Faridul Alam, deputy conservator of the Chittagong Port Authority (CPA), said the ship is lying in a listed position. He noted that there is no more containers overboard after the three boxes were beached safely by the coast guard.

The vessel charterer, Sea Glory Shipping, hired a floating barge and crane for transferring the containers to another vessel namely MV SAPL-1 but they were waiting for a calm sea in close proximity.

Also, the charterer has obtained approval from the insurance company to proceed with the salvage operation.

According to another CPA official, the damage control team is working to pump out ingressed water in the engine room to avoid spill out of fuel oil.

Shipping sector executives have raised questions about whether 140 TEU-sized small vessels are appropriate for sea crossing in rough weather.

Jahir Jewel, managing director of Sea Glory Shipping, said the ship remained in the same position as rough sea and large waves did not allow the launch of salvage operation.

He went on to add that another lighter cargo ship sank in the nearest area yesterday due to high tide.

“I am very worried whether I will be able to save the vessel, because all the containers are stuck-up in the ship,” pointed out Jewel, noting that the salvage operation will be very tough.

Sharar Nayel
Asia Correspondent

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