Reefer container production on downward trend

Reefer container production on downward trend

October 24, 2023


The production of reefer containers in 2023 will be significantly decreased compared with the previous year, according to DynaLiners report, which says the full year production of reefer boxes is estimated at 150,000 TEUs, compared to 282,000 TEUs in 2022.

From January to August 2023, the four reefer manufacturers, CIMC, Dong Fang, FUWA Guangdong and MCI, produced 113,000 TEUs of reefer containers.

According to DynaLiners data, the reefer fleet is expected to reach 3.58 million TEUs at the end of the current year, compared to 3.54 million TEUs on 31 December 2022, which means that “a substantial part of the newbuilds were used to replace existing containers”.

Decreasing tariff container production

Source: Drewry *End-2023 forecast”In line with the charter rates for ships, the newbuild prices for containers are also going down,” noted DynaLiners.

As it seems in the following table, a typical 40’ standard container is forecast to cost US$1,483 on average in 2023, while in the last year, the average cost per unit was US$4,300.

“For reefer containers, the price differences per year are much smaller and expected that the year average will be US$16,360,” said DynaLiners.

Reefer container production on downward trend chart

Source: Drewry
*End Q2 2023
**Annualised 2023 forecast

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