Port of Eden recreated in cutting-edge shipping simulator

Port of Eden recreated in cutting-edge shipping simulator

August 31, 2023

The Port of Eden currently exists in a cutting-edge shipping simulator 537 kilometres southwest of its real-life location, allowing marine pilots to improve their abilities, test scenarios, and conduct contingency training in a virtual setting.

Marine pilots from the Port Authority of New South Wales participated in two-and-a-half days of rigorous training at the Maritime Simulation Centre at the University of Tasmania’s National Maritime College in Launceston.

According to John Finch, chief operating officer of the Port Authority of NSW, piloting is a highly skilled job that requires several years of training before obtaining your unrestricted licence and then a continuing commitment to professional development throughout your career.

“Training using the most advanced technology available is crucial for both new and experienced marine pilots as it means no scenario is unfamiliar. It allows our pilots to test the waters, so to speak, in a safe environment so they’re always ready for the real thing,” stated Finch.

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