Port Houston celebrates completion of new Wharf 60 (0)

Port Houston celebrates completion of new Wharf 6
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August 10, 2023

Port Houston announced the completion of Wharf 6 of its Bayport Container Terminal Expansion Project on 4 August.

Many federal, state, and local officials, partners, stakeholders, and customers attended the celebration event, including a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“This new wharf will enable the Port to keep up with the new growth and demand and help reduce supply chain congestion by providing additional capacity to berth another vessel around the clock,” stated Ric Campo, Port Commission chairman.

Meanwhile, the US Department of Transportation has invested nearly US$80 million in the terminal’s wharf and yard space, building on previous investments to increase the capacity and efficiency of Port Houston.

During the event, attendees were treated to an immersive experience as loaded container ships sailed by and sounded off their horns in salute during the ceremony, ship-to-shore cranes loaded containers overhead, rubber-tired gantry cranes moved containers in the yard, and drayage trucks transferred cargo.

Furthermore, the US Coast Guard also showcased two of its world-class vessels in honor of the 233rd anniversary of its founding.

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