Port Everglades Terminal goes live with Advent eModal platform

Port Everglades Terminal goes live with Advent eModal platform.png

Advent eModal (AeM), one of the world’s largest port community systems serving the intermodal supply chain, announced that Port Everglades Terminal (PET), a terminal in Port Everglades’ Southport area in Florida, is now live with its eModal® platform powering its new gate appointment system.

The platform meets PET’s needs for an integrated and automated gate management and fee payment solution.

AeM’s PreGate and Fee Manager programmes are incorporated into the eModal Community Portal (eCP) on the eModal platform. The eCP is a complete module inside eModal that helps to optimise port and intermodal operations by boosting cargo visibility, streamlining fee payments, and managing appointment tasks.

Furthermore, PET is utilising eModal to automate capabilities throughout its container terminal, increasing cargo visibility and velocity for the terminal and numerous stakeholders. eModal’s eCP also offers PET a completely integrated platform for container visibility, gate appointments, and fee processing at the terminal.

PET began using eModal in July 2023.

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