Police swoop on N2 rock throwers

Police swoop on N2 rock throwers.png

Police have arrested four suspects, wanted for murder and a spate of armed robberies, who have terrorised motorists along the N2 freeway south of Durban over the past few weeks.

SAPS spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda said on Thursday that police had arrested the suspects whose modus operandi was to place rocks on the freeway to force motorists to crash or stop their vehicles.

“An Intelligence-driven operation, involving officers from the Cato Manor Task Team and detectives, has resulted in the arrests of four suspects who were being sought for murder and a spate of armed robberies which have been happening along the N2 highway, especially along the Chesterville area,” Netshiunda said.

“The suspects’ modus operandi included throwing stones at the vehicles and putting stones and rocks along the freeway to cause accidents. The suspects would then pounce on stranded motorists and rob them of their belongings and would go as far as committing murder.”

They are also linked to the murder of a 32-year-old man whose body was found lying along the N2 southbound at Wiggins in Cato Manor on the morning of July 9.

“The suspects, aged between 20 and 23 years old, will appear in court soon. The operation is continuing and more arrests are expected,” he said.

He appealed to motorists who have been victims of stone-throwing or “man-made punctures and accidents” along the N2 and other local routes, who have not yet opened a case, to come forward and report incidents.

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