Ore Corridor reopens after repairs are completed


Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) resumed its core Ore Corridor operations after a derailment last week, the state-owned entity announced on Friday.

TFR said in a statement that it had completed all the necessary repairs and safety assessments at the derailment site. 

Twenty iron ore-loaded wagons had derailed at Loop 9 and 10 near Loeriesfontein in the Northern Cape on Monday, June 5, TFR said in an earlier statement. It had managed to clear the lines of the derailed wagons and cargo before 12.30pm on Wednesday. However, it was still undertaking repairs and conducting safety checks on the line.

“By Thursday, at approximately 15:45, the necessary repairs and safety assessments were completed at the derailment site. Following comprehensive inspections and adherence to stringent safety protocols, the track was declared safe for train operations,” TFR said.

“In addition, power has been fully restored at another line affected by a separate incident of cable theft. TFR appreciates the efforts of all stakeholders who helped minimise the impact on our customers.”

Security officials, together with the police, are investigating the cable theft incident on the line, the second in as many weeks.

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