ONE pilot to curb dangerous goods shipping problems

ONE pilot to curb dangerous goods shipping problems.png

From August 1, Ocean Network Express (ONE) will begin a six-month pilot scheme to conduct pre-shipment inspections for all dangerous goods (DG) consignments exported from the Port of Rotterdam.

Its implementation is to enhance the safety of crew, cargo and vessels when transporting DG containers, according to a statement from ONE.

The carrier will employ the services of an experienced independent external surveyor to assess, identify and address potential risks associated with DG containers, such as incorrect labelling, vanning, lashing and the misdeclaration of any DG containers booked with ONE and loaded onto a ONE-operated vessel.

Any DG container which fails the inspection will be placed on hold until all necessary corrective actions have been taken.  

“By implementing these enhanced safety measures, we aim to minimise the risks associated with DG containers, ensuring the smooth and secure transportation of goods,” the statement said.

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