ONE adds first megamax to its fleet


Singaporean carrier Ocean Network Express (ONE) has taken delivery of its first-ever 24 000-TEU class megamax vessel at Japan Marine United Corporation’s Kure Shipyard in Hiroshima.

ONE Innovation, with a capacity of up to 24 136 TEU, will be the line’s flagship vessel, helping to bring economies of scale to the business.

It will also significantly contribute to lower carbon emissions through a state-of-the-art hull design that aims to maximise cargo intake and minimise fuel consumption.

ONE took delivery of the vessel on 2 June.

The vessel’s beam is 61.4 meters, its length overall is 399.95m, its depth is 33.2m, its scantling draft is 15.5m, and it has more than 2000 TEU reefer plugs.

It has a bow windshield, an energy-saving device, and an exhaust gas cleaning system to meet the International Maritime Organisation’s emission regulations.

She is the first of six new megamaxes to join the fleet and will be deployed on the Asia to Europe service under THE Alliance.

Speaking at an event to mark the vessel’s delivery, ONE managing director Yu Kurimoto said the latest vessel addition would be the shipping line’s “flagship” and was in line with the company’s plan to cut carbon emissions.

ONE Innovation is the largest vessel in our fleet, and we are proud to have it as our flagship. This newly built vessel will help us pave the way for the sustainable development of global logistics and respond to customer requests,” Kurimoto said.

“Last year, we announced our ‘Green Vision,’ which aims to achieve net zero by 2050. We are actively working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our fleet, and we are confident that this vessel will contribute to this effort and bring innovation to global logistics.”

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