New storage space for additional 3,500 cars at Port of Koper

New storage space for additional 3,500 cars at Port of Koper

July 9, 2023

The Port of Koper is introducing a new storage space for an additional 3,500 vehicles at the car terminal.

In particular, the value of the construction work amounted to around US$5.7 million and the total investment to approximately US$8 million.

More specifically, the new investment has increased the port area by 68,000 m², while the storage capacity of the Car Terminal now stands at 46,500 vehicles.

According to the Slovenian port’s statement, the new storage facilities were built on the surface of the so-called cassette 5A, which was previously consolidated with material excavated during the construction of Škocjanski zatok and the dredging of the inlet channel leading to the port’s Basin I.

As part of the construction, the contractor Kolektor CPG installed geosynthetics and a tampon layer on top of the flysch covering and fully asphalted the surface in the final phase.

The investment also included the drainage of storm water through oil traps and the installation of 13 light mast. It is also provided that, in the coming years, additional storage areas will be built on cassettes 6A and 7A located in the immediate vicinity.

Nevenka Kržan, president of Luka Koper Management Board, commented, “The promotion of investments, development and employment are certainly priorities for the Company’s management board. As a matter of fact, we can only be successful if we work together, communicate and listen to each other.”

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