New commissioners at Port of Oakland Board

New commissioners at Port of Oakland Board.png

The Oakland City Council approved the appointments of Jahmese Myres and Stephanie Dominguez Walton to the Port Board at a July Oakland City Council meeting.

The new commissioners are filling open positions due to Commissioners Cestra “Ces” Butner and Joan Story completing their years of dedicated volunteer service as Port Board members.

More specifically, Commissioner Myres was sworn in on 24 July and Commissioner Dominguez Walton was sworn in on 31 August.

Commissioner Myres is the Leadership Development Director at PowerSwitch Action, which supports social justice leaders to make bold change. Commissioner Dominguez Walton comes to the Oakland Board of Port Commissioners with more than 25 years in broadcast journalism.

Commissioner Dominguez Walton is also the President of the Board at the Voter Protection Project, which works to expand voting rights nationally by supporting candidates who are champions for voter equality.

“On behalf of the Board, I am delighted to extend a warm welcome to Commissioners Myres and Dominguez Walton,” said Oakland Board of Port Commissioners president Barbara Leslie.

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