Namport reveals ambitious plans to support oil and gas sector

The Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) has plans in place to provide support to the new oil and gas sector as it progresses from exploration to the export of bulk oil and gas, according to chief executive officer Andrew Kanime.Speaking at the Namibia Oil and Gas Conference last month, Kanime said the Namport infrastructure development plans were aligned with accelerated industry timelines for the various phases.Expansion of the port facilities will be accomplished through a combination of self-finance and public-private partnerships.Initial projects scheduled for the next five years are estimated to be worth around R2 billion.Namport plans to issue a public tender in 2024 for the establishment of an oil and gas supply base in Walvis Bay.Expansion of the current port of Lüderitz Bay is planned to be done by Namport with funding from development finance institutions.Long-term planning for Walvis Bay to support the production phase will be establishing the bulk handling facilities in the green fields North Port facility.It already accommodates a two-berth tanker jetty which feeds into a National Oil Storage Facility tank farm with a capacity of 75 million litres of fuel, including diesel, petrol and Jet-A1.The North Port will provide 200 hectares for an oil and gas supply base, ship and rig repair yard and graving docks.Lüderitz currently serves primarily as a supply base for TotalEnergies, with plans to extend the main quay wall by 200-300 metres by 2026 to provide additional capacity for support for oil and gas and project cargo import requirements of the green hydrogen industry, amongst others.Over the long term, a new deepwater port is planned for Angra Point.Summing up the plans, Kanime described the port expansion as a multifaceted initiative that encompasses various elements including the development of new berths and improvements in logistical infrastructure.“The timeline for the various projects to be implemented over the next 30 years is contingent upon a thorough assessment of actual market demand for moving cargo volumes.“Namport is dedicated to the expansion of port infrastructure to accommodate the evolving needs of industries and international trade. We value transparency in our endeavours and will continue to provide updates as our plans progress,” said Kanime at the conference.

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