N12 closed again as protests intensify

N12 closed again as protests intensify

August 3, 2023

The residents of Slovo Park settlement have followed through with a threat from earlier this week and intensified their protest with yet another closure of the N12.

The highway was barricaded in both directions as rocks and other impediments were placed across the road.

A truck that had been forced to stop was looted for the first time since the protest action began earlier this week.

On Monday and Tuesday, the highway was almost unusable, resulting in the death of one person and a truck being set alight.

At the time the Johannesburg Metro Police Department (JMPD) encouraged traffic to avoid the highway.

On Wednesday, 2 August, there was a lull in protest action but today protestors took to the streets again, determined to continue protesting until their grievances are addressed.

A JMPD spokesperson said they were meeting with the protestors to resolve the problems.

The community says that despite promises and a High Court order to improve service delivery, nothing has happened.

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