MSC withdraws from acquisition of Livorno’s container terminal

MSC withdraws from acquisition of Livorno’s container terminal

August 20, 2023

Swiss/Italian shipping company MSC has decided to withdraw its interest in buying Terminal Darsena Toscane (TDT) at the port of Livorno in Italy.

Obstacles from competition authorities seem as the most possible reason for this decision.

It is important to note that Terminal Investment Limited (TIL), MSC-owned port operating company, announced the acquisition of the container terminal in January, but according to recent developments, the deal seems to have broken.

“Whatever the reasons that led MSC to withdraw the offer, and while hoping for a possible resumption of negotiations, the port of Livorno keeps its potential intact,” said Luciano Guerrieri, president of the Port System Authority (Adsp ) of the northern Tyrrhenian Sea, according to Italy 24 report.

The mayor of Livorno, Luca Salvetti, commented, “The detailed picture provided to us by the president fully comforts us. The withdrawal of MSC’s offer does not affect the port’s strategies in any way and the Darsena Toscana terminal is continuing to work efficiently, even with positive results. We will closely follow the developments of this negotiation but there is nothing today that leads us to have an alarmist attitude on the future of the port of call.”

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