Minister tries to resolve citrus export threat

Minister tries to resolve citrus export threat.png

The South African Minister of Agriculture, Thoko Didiza, met with European Union (EU) representatives and African Union ministers on Friday to try to find a solution to the pest treatment problem for the export of citrus to the European bloc.

South Africa’s Citrus Growers’ Association (CGA) says pest control rules imposed by the European Union last year could impact badly on the next citrus export season, with about R500 million in lost revenue and possible job cuts.

South Africa claims that the EU phytosanitary requirements relating to Thaumatotibia leucotreta (false codling moth) impose unfair import restrictions on importing South African citrus fruit.

In particular, South Africa challenges EU requirements in place since July 14, 2022, that imports of citrus fruit must undergo specified mandatory cold treatment processes and precooling steps for specific periods (up to 25 days of cold treatment) before importation.

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