MAN Energy Solutions, Hapag-Lloyd and Seaspan partner on methanol engine retrofit

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MAN Energy Solutions has signed a Conversion Commitment Agreement with Seaspan Corporation, in collaboration with Hapag-Lloyd.

According to the agreement, MAN PrimeServ, MAN Energy Solutions’ after-sales division, will deliver 15 engine retrofit solutions for conversion of vessels powered by individual MAN B&W S90-type fuel-oil-powered engines from the Seaspan and Hapag-Lloyd fleets to dual-fuel ME-LGIM engines capable of running on green methanol.

Moreover, the agreement includes 45 optional engine retrofit solutions. Each conversion can provide a COreduction of 50,000–70,000 Tonnes each year, when operating on green methanol, according to MAN’s statement.

“Seaspan and Hapag-Lloyd, are significant maritime stakeholders with strong fleet-decarbonisation commitments and strategies. This Agreement shows clear intent to drive the industry transition toward zero-carbon shipping,” commented Thomas Leander, head of solutions and site manager at Frederikshavn in Denmark.

He added, “Retrofitting existing engines to dual-fuel running is one of the most effective ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to derive greater efficiency and profitability from an existing shipping fleet, while simultaneously delivering fuel flexibility and extending operational lifetimes.”

Seaspan, Thomas Juul, Torsten Pedersen, Thomas Leander, Peter Curtis

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