Maersk successfully undertakes its first multimodal Sea-Air solution via Oman0 (0)

Maersk successfully undertakes its first multimodal Sea-Air solution via Oman
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September 7, 2023

Maersk in collaboration with Port of Salalah and Oman Airports, undertook a Sea-Air logistics solution via Oman for cargo moving from Colombo, Sri Lanka, to Cairo, Egypt.

More specifically, the pilot cargo movement on the Sea-Air solution is a shipment of retail and lifestyle cargo from Colombo in Sri Lanka to Cairo in Egypt.

According to Maersk, the first leg of transportation was carried out on a Maersk vessel from Colombo to Salalah. From the port of Salalah, the cargo was discharged and transported to Salalah Airport under a customs-bonded corridor.

On arrival at the cargo terminal at Salalah Airport, the shipment underwent security clearance and was air freighted on priority to Cairo, Egypt.

Maersk said that the Sea-Air solution can help reduce transit times on traditional east-to-west trade routes by 20-40% compared to pure ocean transportation and generate a cost saving of 10-20% compared to pure Air Freight solution.

Finally, the facilities at the port of Salalah and the Salalah airport can support different commodities, from general cargo to speciality products like pharmaceuticals and perishable products.

“The Sea-Air solution we have implemented in this pilot movement is just the beginning of endless possibilities. In conjunction with the rest of our integrated logistics solutions, we can offer our customers a customised logistics solution combining different modes of transport, storage and fulfillment solutions and top them up with value-added services powered by technology,” commented Christopher Cook, managing director of Maersk UAE, Oman and Qatar.

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