Japan’s container exports to US plunge in July

Japan’s container exports to US plunge in July

August 26, 2023

Container exports from Japan to the U.S. amounted to 48,965 TEUs in July (based on volumes at ports of origin), which plunged 10.9% from a year earlier and have registered a year-on-year contraction for five months in a row, according to Descartes Datamyne. From a month earlier, however, they improved 0.2%.

Moreover, direct shipments accounted for 29,245 TEUs, down 12.5%. Containers transshipped on the way were also sluggish, falling 8.5% to 19,720 TEUs. They accounted for 40.3% of the total, which has exceeded the 40% line for the first time since April.

Additionally, containers transshipped in South Korea were down 6.8% to 14,122 TEUs; in China, down 19.4% to 2,391 TEUs, in Taiwan, down 4.5% to 1,771 TEUs; and in Singapore, down 10.8% to 915 TEUs.

By port of origin in Japan, Tokyo was responsible for 11,188 TEUs, which plummeted 24.9%, but managed to hold the largest share of the pie. Containers from Nagoya and Kobe were both stagnant, falling 11.5% to 7,772 TEUs and 26.4% to 5,835 TEUs.

Furthermore, those from Yokohama more than quadrupled, skyrocketing 350.2% to 3,435 TEUS, while those from Shimizu were also brisk, surging 33.4% to 519 TEUs.

In June, meanwhile, Japan imported 55,445 TEUs of containers from the U.S. (based on volumes at ports of destination), which sank 12.2% from a year earlier and 13.3% from a month earlier.

Direct shipments accounted for 39,883 TEUs, down 7.3%, while 8,812 TEUs were transshipped on the way, down 29.1%, which accounted for 18.1% of the total.

Finally, in the first half (January-June), container imports from the U.S. to Japan totaled 345,220 TEUs (based on volumes at ports of destination), which waned 1.3% year on year. Direct shipments increased 6.8% to 285,703 TEUs, and transshipment containers declined 27.7% to 59,517 TEUs, which accounted for 17.2% of the total.

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