Japan-US container exports plummet in May

Japan-US container exports plummet in May

June 22, 2023

Container exports from Japan to the United States decreased year-on-year by 25.8% to 45,523 TEUs in May based on Descartes Datamyne data.

Additionally, Japan-US box exports plummeted by 15.4%, while direct shipments from Japan to the US came to 27,364 TEUs, which shrank 22.6% year-on-year.

At the same time, the remaining 18,159 TEUs were transshipped in third countries, which contracted 30.2%. The latter accounted for 39.9%, which remained nearly unchanged.

As for those transshipped on the way, South Korea was responsible for 10,408 TEUs, down 33.1%; China, 4,171 TEUs, up 53.5%; Taiwan, 2,460 TEUs, down 11.9%; and Singapore, 662 TEUs, down 68.6%.

Descartes Datamyne noted that only containers transshipped in China grew notably, as European carriers increased transshipment in Shanghai.

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