HHLA TK Estonia unveils largest solar park in Muuga Harbour and expansion plans

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HHLA TK Estonia, a subsidiary of Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA), has constructed the largest solar park in Estonia’s Muuga Harbour and has plans to expand it further in the near future.

“With the completed solar installation, we aim to generate up to more than half of our total electricity consumption ourselves in a sustainable way. Combining the daytime loading operations of our dual power hydrocrane with the solar power, we are operating already CO2 neutral in peak hours,” stated Riia Sillave, CEO of HHLA TK Estonia.

On sunny days, its energy production completely covers the electrical usage of two warehouses’ cooling and ventilation equipment, as well as a nearby workshop and office. Furthermore, additional green energy is provided to the port’s power grid.

“The first two working solar parks have a total capacity of around 240-kilowatt peak (kWp; describes the performance of a module under specified conditions), generating an average of 720 kWh per day. In May, the modules produced 46,000 kWh, which helped to cover 50% of the consumption of the general cargo terminal,” stated project manager Arvi Lugenberg.

Based on multi-year average sunlight statistics, the facility’s total yearly production is anticipated to be 240.000 kWh.

Meanwhile, HHLA TK Estonia has begun planning for the installation of two further power parks on the rooftops of other warehouses. This will raise the terminal’s green energy generation by more than 2.5 times.

“With this project, HHLA TK Estonia is contributing to the HHLA Group’s goal of being climate neutral by 2040,” noted Riia Sillave.

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