HHLA replaces trucker card with smartphone application

HHLA replaces trucker card with smartphone application

July 18, 2023

Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) will begin testing a digital system this month that will allow trucks to enter Hamburg container ports in a safer and more efficient way.

The passify app will take the place of the present truck handling method, which uses the trucker card. HHLA Next, HHLA’s innovation arm, created this solution.

With passify app, more than 6,000 truck drivers who transfer containers to and from HHLA terminals in Hamburg every day will soon have immediate access to all relevant information on their smartphones.

The smartphone app is fully integrated into terminal processes and digitalises the processes at the gates. The system accompanies truck drivers along the entire handling process and thereby simplifies it. Furthermore, passify offers drivers a mobile self-service terminal in one app.

Since all drivers can clearly identify themselves using passify, access to the terminals also becomes safer, according to HHLA which, noted that entry processes at the gates are simplified since access is only granted to authorised truck drivers. Additionally, passify upholds security and data protection standards and meets all requirements of the ISPS Code, which applies around the world.

HHLA will begin to replace the conventional plastic trucker cards with passify at its Hamburg sites this year. Testing of the smartphone app will begin in July and will be gradually expanded to include all HHLA sites in Hamburg.

All haulage companies will then begin to receive access to passify and will be actively supported while switching from the trucker card to the app. They will also receive information about how drivers can register and verify their identities to use the app on their smartphones.

HHLA said that following its successful introduction at the HHLA terminals in Hamburg, additional terminal operators will be able to use the practical digital tool at their gates.

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