Growing Africa-Asia trade beckons, and for good reason0 (0)

Growing Africa-Asia trade beckons, and for good reason
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September 27, 2023

A rising level of engagement is highlighting the growing relations between Africa and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Asean).

Key events, such as Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s extensive African tour earlier this year and the recent Singapore-Africa Business Forum, underscore the increasing importance of these regions’ economic ties.

This renewed collaboration is driven by a shared understanding that, as traditional economic powerhouses like China and Europe face slowdowns, the future lies in exploring the vast potential offered by Africa and the Asean.

During a recent episode of the ‘China in Africa’ podcast, Cobus van Staden, the managing editor of China Global South, emphasised the significant synergy between Africa and the Asean.

He pointed out that, much like Africa, the Asean was a diverse region with a complex colonial history, encompassing a variety of cultures and religions.

Africa can learn valuable lessons from the Asean’s successful economic integration and closely knit cooperation.

“South African produce exporters are increasingly leaning into trade with the Asean.

“With trade with Russia evaporating, producers have been actively looking at markets beyond Russia and China.”

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