Government commits itself to a roadmap for logistics

Government commits itself to a roadmap for logistics

August 4, 2023

The government has committed itself to a roadmap for South Africa’s logistics industry by the end of August, a development expected to expedite reforms addressing the crisis in the country’s rail network and at the ports.

This decision was one of the results of a meeting with President Cyril Ramaphosa, following a partnership between business and the government aimed at revitalizing South Africa’s economy.

The partnership focuses on three priority areas: energy, transport and logistics, crime and corruption.

Business Day reports that specific interventions are crucial in these three areas to halt the economic decline and create a foundation for achieving a 3% growth rate.

However, it is important to note that achieving these goals will take time and will not be an overnight process.

During a post-meeting briefing, CEOs rejected criticism that they risk being influenced by the government or lending legitimacy to the ruling ANC party before next year’s elections.

Standard Bank SA CEO Lungisa Fuzile emphasized that working together will not compromise the independence of either business or the government, and businesses will continue to hold the government accountable.

Fuzile said: “I have no hesitation working with the government because I want a South Africa that delivers prosperity for everyone. I am not doing it for the governing party; I am doing it for South Africa.”

Since the partnership was established at a meeting between CEOs and President Ramaphosa in early June, joint workstreams have been formed.

Business leaders expressed satisfaction with the significant input from government ministers and senior officials in the latest meeting with the president, compared to the initial meeting.

A total of 125 CEOs have now signed a business pledge supporting the initiative.

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